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Veterans of the Tarkine

Last week approximately 100 scientists and enthusiasts took part in the Tarkine’s festival of science Bio-Blitz organised by the Bob Brown Foundation. Their mission was to discover and document the natural biodiversity in the fields of ecology, taxonomy, botany and biology in one of the last wild enclaves in Tasmania.

For over 150 years, miners, piners and prospectors have been combing the hillsides of the Tarkine in search of the ever-hopeful El Dorado. What they failed to discover and appreciate was the living jewels that decorated the exquisite land before them.

The exploiters came and ultimately retreated only to leave a legacy of impacts and disappointments in their trials and trails behind them.

Now in this 21st century a new hope of mystery prevails as the Tarkine is destined to be the land of treasure awaiting everyone to explore those hidden secrets.

For me the El Dorado has always been entwined in the realms of nature, so independently, in the same week of the bio-blitz, I decided to venture through the remote untracked country of the southeastern Tarkine in search of the ancient forests unknown.

Here’s what I discovered.

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