Image for ‘Tassie’s ‘whitefella’ community says ‘not in my name Will Hodgman’’

•      Hodgman’s Tarkine tracks betrays reconciliation on behalf of all Tasmanians
•      Sequel to ground-breaking palawa kani election ad released with both famous and everyday Tasmanians
•      takayna 4WD tracks not the ‘reset’ relationship the Aboriginal community wants

In a follow-up to the Australian-first election ad in Aboriginal language, white Tasmanians have come together to expose Premier Will Hodgman’s betrayal of them and their aspirations for reconciliation with Aboriginal people, though his destructive plan to build 4WD tracks across Aboriginal heritage on the takayna/Tarkine coast.

See the ad here:

The ad features well known Tasmanian characters like former young Tasmanian of the year Greg Irons (Bonorong Sanctuary and Tarkine Trails), Essie Davis (actress), John Kelly (State Cinema) and Bonnie Sveen (actress) and less well known people like Alice (student) and Craig (Wildo’s volunteer).

“When Will Hodgman says he wants to reset the relationship with Aboriginal people, he says it on our behalf and we want him to succeed,” said Vica Bayley, a seventh generation Tasmanian and spokesperson for the Wilderness Society.

“This ’reset’ can only mean reconciliation and we wholeheartedly support actions to make this happen, which is why Mr Hodgman’s plan to expanded 4WD tracks on the takayna coast is such an appalling and destructive action to take.

“Anyone who supports equality, land justice and reconciliation can only despair at the actions of a Premier so prepared to put cheap, political self-interest ahead of his own moral pledge to deliver a better relationship with Aboriginal people.

The ad will run across the final week of the election campaign and reinforce the message already delivered to Mr Hodgman in palawa kani, by an Aboriginal community with a strong, ongoing and unbreakable connection to their Country and Ancestral heritage, including on the takayna coast.

See the palawa kani ad here:

“takayna is a special place that tells the stories of our people and has been recognised as one of Australia’s most important cultural landscapes by being listed as National Heritage,” said Heather Sculthorpe, CEO of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre.

“A small stretch of the takayna coast has been protected from 4WDs because it’s patently obvious these vehicles and their reckless drivers destroy irreplaceable Aboriginal heritage.

“Expanding destructive 4WD tracks on the takayna coast is a hostile step that makes a mockery of Will Hodgman’s promise to reset his relationship and lead white Tasmanians in a process of reconciliation.

“This ad demonstrates white Tasmanians share solidarity with Aboriginal people and want to see Aboriginal heritage respected and protected as an important part of Tasmania’s history.

“When good people call out his hypocritical behaviour, Premier Hodgman looks pretty isolated as a political animal that lacks the leadership needed to bring this state together.

*Vica Bayley is Tasmanian Campaign Manager The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc.

*Heather Sculthorpe is CEO of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre.