Image for Tarkine on the wing ... First Day ....

*Pic: A Pacific Gull takes flight …

Ted Mead celebrates June 1 on the First Day of the Month: My dream to fly

The gift of flight, it is my dream, to see the world afar.

To glide upon the thermal winds beneath the moon or star.

The verdant greens, the mountains crags, the deep blue sea and sky.

With clouds above and earth below in hues before my eye.

It is a space where I can’t be, my feet are bound on land.

Yet flight is free, and life is glee for those who have no hand.

So I spread my arms when I’m in slumber, and soar within the night.

And live in joy upon the wing with dreams of sheer delight.

The magnificent Wedged-tailed Eagle …

The boisterous Sulphur-crested Cockatoo …

A White-bellied Sea Eagle drifting on the ocean breeze …

The aerobatic Grey Fantail …

The screeching Yellow-tailed Cockatoos in flock formation …

A Pacific Gull chick - Not quite on the wing – but soon to be – cute!

*Ted Mead is mystified and enchanted by the gift of flight.  Ted often ponders on the wonders of flying over a landscape and observing the complex marvels of our terrestrial expanses from above. We spend our entire lives traipsing the hard earth below us, yet to have the ability to soar and land at any given moment would be truly divine.