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The Examiner, the organ of the Right Wing of the Liberal Party in Tasmania has spent the past month - for some completely unknown reason - promoting our Erich Abetz as the Number 1 candidate on the Tasmanian Liberal Party Senate ticket.

They have got their Dead Man Walking over the line against all odds.

The online comments after yesterday’s Front Page headline and story are 23 against and 1 for.

Every Abetzian puff gives the Brain Dead at The Examiner yet another serve from their readership.

As one reader put it in today’s comments: “Take that Malcom”

Personally I am thrilled; delighted … we have a motionless, stone dead, much-hated candidate in our sights who will keep us all amused until the election.

Well done the Liberals in Tasmania.

Only fossils from The Past would put up a candidate that your serving Prime Minister both loathes and detests.

Mantach may yet bring you all undone!

It is all most excellent.

John Hawkins has written extensively for many years on Tasmania, including funding his own High Court challenge to the legality of Senator Eric Abetz sitting in the Senate ... His collected Category of articles is HERE

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• Jack Lumber in Comments: It is with regret that I admit that Mr Abetz has achieved what we all thought was an impossibility ... a consensus. Throughout the state a “WTF” was heard in every room ( with the exception of the dazed and confused state Liberal Party room )

• John Hawkins in Comments: … We must ensure that the Liberals do not get 2 quotas, in the next election. With this in mind Scruffy will be standing against Abetz for a seat in the Senate. “If you are going to vote for a dog ... vote for a real one”. Vote Scruffy …