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Apple computers are being rolled out throughout the Police dept (DPEM). 

The reason, I’m told, is that the powers that be like Apples.

No problem with that. Lots of people do.

But ... and there’s always a ‘but’: It creates compatibility problems because in specific parts of the Plod’s empire it’s ‘Windows software required’. Or it was when my mate worked there.

Now, let’s do the sums: 1400 staff x $2500 = $3.5 million (very rough guess), or about 1 x PV Fortescue.

Mac World earlier made the excited announcement:

Tassie cops switch to Mac
10 December, 2010 by AMW staff (Aust Mac World)

One particularly interesting organisation that recently made the move is Tasmania’s Department of Police and Emergency Management – which encompasses the state’s Police, SES and Forensic Science Service.

Over the past year, the organisation has replaced each and every PC with a Mac, so we wanted to ask them what prompted the switch, and how the changeover has gone. DPEM manager of information technology services Murray Lawler answered our questions.

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