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*Pic: Sick joke ... Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison react to Peter Dutton’s ‘joke’

Pic: The Marshall Islands ... sinking ... Pic from here


The waves are lapping at our Pacific Island neighbours’ doors and all our political leaders can do is laugh, writes contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence.


And some of us seem intent on destroying Planet A.

There is no Tardis or Time Lord to deliver us from our environmental evils.

Despite the fact that Earth is the only world we’ve got, we have raped, plundered and disemboweled her, greedily gorging on her vital organs and intimate parts as if there is no tomorrow for others to also borrow.

We show little respect. We cause her great injury.

We are poisoning our own well.

We are boiling her. Her temperature is at fever pitch.

We are polluting the air that she and we breathe and share. We are robbing her of oxygen.

We recklessly soil her earthen coverlets and arterial creeks, lakes, rivers and oceans with toxic excreta.

We contaminate her with poisonous tailings from intensive and invasive mining and fossil fuels, leaving the land and landscape ugly and bruised, barren and lifeless and forever scarred.

We chemically airbrush out of existence complicated and exquisitely evolved vital tree-of-life ecosystems through our careless use of noxious and obnoxious insecticides, pesticides, herbicides.

We are killing our Mother Earth, abusing our elder. She who feeds us, clothes us, quenches our thirst without discrimination. It is we who hold our siblings to ransom, not the Planet.

It is we lucky ones who fail to feed the hungry, the homeless, the stateless.

We lucky ones who fail to share; to give shelter and succour to our brothers and sisters who are poor. We who make losers out of those who overwise could be mirror images of ourselves and whose DNA we share as children of the human family.

We disgorge lethal chemical waste and industrial discharge, sullying land, sea, sky and universe with putrid detritus of our plastic and disposable lives.

We are strangling her. Her lungs are filled with smoke. Blocking her airways. Suffocating her and the dear and wondrous creatures that live on her, above her, within her and below her.

We are killing her. Not softly. But roughly. Gouging out her soft tissue. Using our metal artillery with reckless and unforgiving mechanical claws; tearing at her entrails.

We dynamite her. We blow her to smithereens. We fly in and fly out and never leave things as they were.

We torch her and set her alight, searing her earthen skins, razing her lush lady gardens of mystery, beauty and the virginal modesty that cloaks her, afforded by the ancient ancestral forests that nature has bequeathed us and whose fragile remnants we are intent on annihilating.

We subject her to the colonic irrigation of hydraulic fracturing. We force feed her. We inject her with noxious substances that inevitably we and all animal and plant life will absorb.

We pour acids on her.

We cause her to implode and bleed internally.

We inject and dislodge radionuclides.

We cause her to violently convulse and vomit. We trigger seismic shifts and earthquakes and contaminate waterways.

We taunt her. We buy and sell her, rent her and lease her out to multinationals for peppercorns and listings on the stock exchange whilstt treasures that have been millennia in the making are removed with surgical imprecision.

But we remain ingrate landlords.

Our collective sins of emmission are such that permafrost and polar regions are melting into the ever rising seas, a hydrostatic perversity of Archimedes’ principle and our unprincipled conduct.

Our Pacific island neighbours are drowning.

Some of our politicians think this is a joke. Peter Dutton, the loon who is our Minister for Immigration and Border Protection is one of them. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is another.

The ultimate Kommandant of the Austasi Border Farce, Peter is Dutton dressed up as spam.

Remember how Dutton and Abbott, unaware that they were being recorded, thought it a great larf that climate change has caused the encroaching sea to swallow up land on Pacific islands ?

In September, whilst impatiently waiting for a meeting about Syrian refugees to start, Minister Dutton quipped the delayed meeting was running to “Cape York time”.

In response, the then Prime Minister observed:

“...we had a bit of that up in Port Moresby.”

On a roll and taking his beloved leader’s cue, Dutton tastelessly joked:

“...time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to have water lapping at your door.”

Abbott hah-hah-hahd at that one, as you can see. Little did Abbott know that weeks later, his colleagues and the majority of the Australian people would be having the last laugh when he got the boot.

Dutton’s demise is yet to come, but come it will.

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