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I’m a calm, reasonable man, don’t make a fuss, don’t ruffle feathers or even pull the wings off butterflies, but this bullshit has gone too far.

We, as Australians, know we are being reamed, and we meekly sit back and let the turds twist the rough end of the pineapple without us making a peep.

Not a squeak, barely a murmur. We hope that someone else will make it right and proper, expect the media to keep an eye on it, and expose this crap; well that’s been proved a damp squib.

A revolutionary soul is nowhere in sight.

Who would even know, these days, about Bakery Hill, or Peter Lalor. The Eureka Flag is something you carry around on Australia Day, so you have something to wrap around yourself when you’re 9 parts pissed and prostrate in your own vomit.

Is it not time for some revolutionary zeal?

November 11, 1854, thousands of the disenfranchised miners got together, and basically said, “Enough is enough”! They were being shafted by the Powers that Be, and the Powers that Be thought they had it over - what they thought was a disorganised and subservient rabble.   

Sound familiar, close to home?

December 3 1854 …  after many attempts by the miners to get some fairness and decency, the Powers that Be, used force to subjugate the miners.

The miners lost, but it changed the way that this country and its “Rulers” treated the populace ...

I could go on, but you get my drift.

Satire: Karl Stevens

It’s not all that long ago that crowds assembled in the vicinity of Parliament House in Canberra protesting against the Prime Minister of the day.  Signs and effigies were waved and burnt because she had fired up enough fervour in the electorate; people protested with passion.

Do we think that the blatant disdain - shown to us by the privileged - is just a flash in the pan, a mere bagatelle: “Don’t look people and it will go away”!

Bullshit, we’ve watched it for years and done nothing.

Both sides of the Democratic system, supping with avarice and immunity. They have had their way with us, and I, for one, feel utterly defiled.

Three weeks to get even a semblance of an apology, from a haughty, self-interested leech, and we only got that as she thought, with a feigned operatic meekness, that it would provide succour to the peons and plebs and underlings, and all would be forgiven.

The Head of this Shambolic Show, said, it wasn’t that the Speaker had erred, it was the system, and he was going to have a “Root and Branch” inquiry … led by no less than the person who had signed off on the fraudulent accounts and deigned they were all above board.

I know what I’d like to do to him with the branch ...

Five Hundred and Seventy Five Grand to fit out offices for just One, I repeat, one politician elected 2 years ago.

If Bronwyn Bishop doesn’t get your hackles up, then surely $575,000 surely must. That single example is just the tip of the iceberg.

The absolute disrespect for the monies that Australians pay to provide for, this, The Lucky Country, is being squandered by flippant, smug, brown nosers. It is beyond criminal.  I fight for Strength not to write the profanities that are roiling within my head!

If we can’t see that we are being ripped off blind by a corrupt system, lorded over by our dubious Elected Officials, then I’ll go heave.

We may as well move to the United States, for they don’t seem to see that their system has gone to hell in a handbasket. We, on the other hand, do see that our system of government has, and we’ve seen it for ages, and we do stuff all about it.

We have a couple of Burkes in our Parliament and one is under the hammer right now for playing loose with Australia’s money, but the one whose quote is below will do me fine, thank you very much.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

I don’t quite know how to start a revolution. I have no steed to gallop through streets and rally the masses. but I’ve read, and reflected on some great and wonderful works by the many authors here in this august publication, and I sincerely hope that they can assist me in creating a revolution, so we can cause change to this lack of decency and fairness, as was done in 1854.

*Stan Brusch was bon and bred in Tasmania in 1961. No pollitical affiliations, middle of the road, and have never been active in any politics, jack of some trades and incredulous about where this country is ending up.

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• Anonymous in Comments: Re the Fairfax reference to Abetz ... Having only ‘mixed feelings’ in these circumstances, and emphasising the ‘positive’ as reported, seems to me pretty damning. How does a person grow up with such ideas? What family values lead to this?  The concentration camp commanders also loved ‘Culture’. They loved performances of the slave orchestra and its always-evolving membership of vanishing inmates …

• Karl Stevens in Comments: Peter Abetz appears mistaken when he told Insight with Jenny Brokie last Tuesday night that Otto Abetz had saved Paris from being destroyed by Hitler. Otto Abetz’s post at the German Embassy in France lasted up until July 1944 and Paris was ‘saved’ a month later by General Dietrich von Choltitz between August 15 to 25 1944.


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