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I have been campaigning for years for the production of industrial hemp for its countless value-added benefits and more recently for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

The following article from Scientific American by David Downs dated 19th April 2016 encapsulates everything I have been saying.

It clearly shows that it was purely political chicanery that declared hemp and marijuana to be Schedule 1 drugs and that there was no scientific or medical reason why this should have happened.

President Nixon was one of the main anti-cannabis protagonists.

It is clear therefore that there is no danger to health from the use of hemp as a food or medicinal marijuana for its therapeutic value; in fact they are amazing natural herbal remedies and should be decriminalised without delay and no longer classed as Schedule 1 drugs.

Daniel Andrews, the Victorian premier, has just overseen the planting of their first medicinal cannabis seeds and has set aside $28.5 million to support the cultivation trial, as well as the establishment of a new Office of Medicinal Cannabis to regulate the drug’s distribution.

Just a few days ago Barnaby Joyce opened a proposed medicinal cannabis farm near Tamworth so why on earth are the State Liberals delaying trials here? A company wanted to establish a farm here a few years ago and was knocked back by them; what a wasted opportunity for a new industry and the many jobs it would have provided.