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Climate Change

Below is a copy of an email sent to a senior worker from Mr Shorten’s Office met at a Town Hall type meeting on Monday 4th June 2018. Rather than give a political talk Mr Shorten responded to questions from the audience on a range of matters. The LNP has no policy on climate change, Direct Action has proven to be shambolic as anticipated by Turnbull prior to becoming Prime Minister.


Dear xxxxxxx

My wife and I were most impressed with how Bill was able to answer off the cuff questions last night. We certainly hope that Justine is re-elected.

My concern is that climate change is not getting enough attention, it has been subsumed by attention to energy requirements by the LNP. I believe that Australia is not taking the matter serious enough.
Turnbull often pushes the view that terrorists present a high risk; the science in relation to climate change suggests it presents far higher risks than terrorists. Some examples:

Professor James Anderson who made us aware of CFCs creating the hole in the ozone layer states we are in dire danger. World wide we must spend huge amounts of dollars to ward off extreme climate change, and have only a few years to do so.

Paleoclimate research does not present a happy picture, as Dr Burger discusses in his preliminary comments attached to research yet to be published:

Dr Burger’s research clearly provides convincing evidence in the role greenhouse gases had in causing mass extinction at the end of the Permian period. He reaches his view through chemical and mineral artefacts he found in the samples of rock he obtained.

Permafrost is thawing, which potentially provides further danger in pingos exploding in Siberia; to date 7,000 pingos have been found. One of the original pingos to explode was found to have 9.6% methane in the atmosphere of the crater formed by the explosion. Normally methane is measured in parts per billion.
While not all of the pingos discovered might have methane gas, they do present concern.

Copy of article given to you last night with hyperlinks.
My main worry about climate change is that people will be dislodged through extreme weather events when lack of fresh water, sea level rise, and crops being damaged with all sorts of nasties through flooding, create a dystopian world where insurrection, and break down of communities will be outcomes. A major tipping point is an ice free Arctic Ocean which is extremely likely to happen within thirty years when taking into account the most conservative scientist’s view point. Grounding lines of ice sheets in Antarctica are going in the wrong direction.

Not something we would wish our children to face. 

Yours Sincerely

Keith Antonysen

*Keith Antonysen has had an interest in the science of climate change for a number of decades. Matters which were originally suggested as predictions, such as sea level rise, storm surges and extreme weather etc, are now occurring with increasing frequency.

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