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*Pic: The Wilderness Society’s pic of 4WD tracks at Pieman Heads ...

The Wilderness Society today condemned the action of the Hodgman Government to seek approval to expand destructive 4wd tracks across an Aboriginal cultural landscape on the takayna coast, describing it as a betrayal of trust and goodwill that run counter to any notion of reconciliation.

The announcement of the referral, through a Friday afternoon exclusive to a single media outlet, without release of documentation or discussion with key Aboriginal stakeholders, lacks transparency and goodwill and demonstrates this move is motivated by base, divisive politics in the marginal electorate of Braddon.

‘Ignoring the wishes the Aboriginal community and expanding 4WD tracks across a nationally significant Aboriginal cultural landscape is indictment enough on Premier Hodgman and Environment Minister Matthew Groom, but to do it for pure political gain is shocking.’

‘Just one month ago, Premier Hodgman stood on the stage with Aboriginal leaders and his Governor, pledging to progress Reconciliation, but today he has turned his back on that relationship and Aboriginal heritage in the most manipulative and political way.

The takayna coastline is listed as National Heritage for its outstanding Aboriginal heritage values and the Hodgman plan to expand 4WD tracks in the area has been the focus of several Federal Court processes, the conclusion being that Tasmanian Government must refer its plan to the Commonwealth for assessment under federal law.

‘This referral is both controversial and a process ordered by the Federal Court, yet it has been announced without a credible consultation with stakeholders, without being released publicly and without so much as a media release.’

‘How can Premier Hodgman claim to be able to progress reconciliation on behalf of white Tasmania, when he so blatantly acts in his, and not the Aboriginal community’s interest?

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