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*Pic: Arvio’s Paul Wilson demonstrated the capacitor technology -  Vimeo clip - Glen Morris.

Over the past several years Lithium has been the buzz-word for renewable energy storage. However a new innovation using carbon capacitor storage has broken beyond the barriers of that technology.

Arvio, a Victorian-based company has engineered a new power-storage, inverter and communication system, and will be soon commercially supplying ones that perform far beyond the current lithium or lead acid battery range.

Arvio’s new capacitor energy storage system is revolutionary considering it uses materials that are recyclable and biodegradable.

The power storage retained in Arvio’s capacitors is composed of carbon/graphene particles wrapped in paper encased in aluminium.

Present lithium battery storage systems are estimated to last up to 15 years with about 5000 cycles. The new Arvio capacitor system is estimated to provide around 1 million cycles with an audacious claim of a lifespan of over 2000 years.

The Arvio storage systems can be used with single or three phase systems and is inverted at 48 volts.

They can be totally transportable in cabinets, and linked to Internet systems to control power supply from an application within your remote-distanced computer or phone.

The Arvio systems have incredible scope for local and remote power storage capacity.

Here are some the Capacitor’s operational specifications ...

• 1,000,000 cycles

• 100% rapid charge and discharge with no degradation or cycle reduction

• A 3.55kWh capacity is 3.55kWh usable

• 96% DC to DC round trip efficiency at the terminals

• Charge and discharge at 2C with no effect on cycle life or capacity

• Safe with no risk of thermal runaway

• Doesn’t get hot when charging or discharging

• Cells operates from -30°C to 85°C without need for added cooling systems

• Works is unlimited parallel

• No chemicals or liquid

• Non toxic

• Not volatile

• 10 year warranty – 45 year cell design life

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Introduced at the 2017 All Energy Conference in Melbourne, the initial commercial shipments of the world’s first supercapacitor based energy storage system are landing in Australia April 2018.

Like many new techno innovations the proof will be in the pudding once this system gets out into the working environment. Will it overtake the current Lithium market, or will it under perform?

There are numerous renewable storage designed batteries currently commercially available, and all indicators suggest that the traditional lead acid type will be less prevalent in the future even though they are cheaper. Here’s what’s happening in the testing and analysis field.

Note that none of these products are made in Australia.

The Avrio supercapacitor is presently more expensive than the Tesla product, yet there is the potential for this to change energy storage systems well into the future.

*Ted Mead, over the past several years, has been observing the renewable energy technology advancements with great interest and admiration. Ted believes the world in the next decade will make monumental leaps in design and infrastructures that will transform us out of the old fossil fuel reliance into to a new paradigm that functions on a responsible energy footprint across the globe.