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First published December 1

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*Don Maisch PhD has been involved in telecommunications standard setting since the early 1990s and was a member of the Standards Australia Committee setting exposure standards for electromagnetic fields which served as the basis for his thesis. His PhD thesis examined industry influence and bias in telecommunications health risk assessment. He is the author of a book chapter (Chapter 16: Spin In The Antipodes) on industry influence in Australian expert science committees. Recommend reading is “Corporate Ties That Bind: An Examination of Corporate Manipulation and Vested Interest in Public Health” See:  One of his other interests is examining draconian US tax laws that have been accepted in an IGA by the former Abbott government and how they affect the financial future of expat Americans lining in Australia.

This is money: The great smart meter rip-off: Energy giants will use devices to DOUBLE the cost of power when you need it most • Digital smart meters rolled out as an energy-saving measure. • Meters send instant information back to energy suppliers on usage. • Energy giant British Gas is trialling charging more at peak times. • Watchdog Ofgem warned in report suppliers would develop new tariffs

• Dr Pri Bandara in Comments: Introduction of these wireless “smart” meters is not a smart move at all considering the further increase of public exposure to microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR), an environmental pollutant with serious biological/health effects that can damage mental and physical health of exposed people. 236 scientists from 41 countries who have researched on RF-EMR and published in peer-reviewed literature have urged the UN and the WHO to protect public health from this exposure …

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