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Surely Will Hodgman, Premier-elect of Tasmania ... this is a better way ...

Rather than thrusting back to the Ancient Wars of a Bygone Era you contemplate a different path ...

And Orlando can show you the way ... with the wisdom of a couple of very creative cupids in Hobart Baroque’s Artistic Director Leo Schofield and Executive Director Jarrod Carland.

Will ... you could do worse than to book yourself into the Theatre Royal and ponder the message of Orlando ... which goes like this:

The great warrior hero Orlando has veered from his intended destiny by fallling in love with Angelica, Queen of Cathay. She in turn, loves Medoro, a wounded prince who has been nursed back to health by the shepherdess Dorinda, whose love for Medoro goes unrequited. Zoroastro, Orlando’s magician mentor, must bring his charge back to the path to Glory and help him overcome the overwhelming power of Amor, the God of Love.

Will ... there’s a message in there somewhere for you.

Not least, that surely this must be a part of Tasmania’s future?

Surely, we have moved on from endless conflict ... and also from top-down, Government-immensely-sponsored extravaganzas ... think Ten Days on the Island* which included the recent Spiegeltent.

For all their worth, surely they do not match bottom-up inspiration like Hobart Baroque whose second event - real live Opera in the Opera-appropriate Theatre Royal - parlayed to an audience 44 per cent imported, including Bob Carr, former Foreign Minister, and Helena, among other Greats and Goods.

So, so many interstate tourists. So many who spend their dollars because they want to come to Tasmania. Not for the cute things like Salamanca Market. Not for the cute animals. Not for the wild places ...

But because they want high-end culture.

Leo Schofield, AM and his immensely gifted Executive Director Jarrod Carland provided it last night.

I do not pretend to be the beginnings of an appropriate critic of opera. But even an ignorant man from the backblocks of the North West Coast could appreciate the wonder of world-class singers from the world-class Glimmerglass Festival (don’t you love that title).

And that ... was just the start of a week of wonder ...

There’s heaps more to come ... don’t miss it Will ...

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• Don Maisch, in Comments: Now the Abbott government is acting on the ACCC advice by enacting what they call a “historic agreement” with state governments that encourages the states to sell off their public assets and then use the money to “create tens of billions of dollars of new infrastructure across the country”. ... Considering Tasmania’s financial problems, the new Liberal state government may now find this a very attractive proposal and try to flog off Tasmania’s energy assets, perhaps at slashed bargain-basement prices in order to attract international buyers, such as Singapore Power or the Cheung Kong group or perhaps even the State Grid Corporation of China? - I do not want to appear to be racist but it is a fact that these corporations now collectively own a huge part of Victoria’s formerly state-owned energy assets - and it is not for the benefit of Victorians. Will the Liberal state government go down this path, and if so, how will the people of Tasmania react to it?

• Shaun, in Comments: It would seem more rational to say that Hydro is an entity unto itself or, if you really must nominate an “owner” then there are a few to choose from. Nyrstar (the zinc works) would be perhaps the most logical conclusion - they started building it (Hydro) in the first place back in 1910 and took the lion’s share of its’ output until the mid-1950’s (and they still use 11% of the state’s power today). Yes, you read that correctly, Hydro was indeed started by the zinc works ...

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