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*Pic: Tasmanian Liberal Party’s file shot of Eric Abetz

He’s back to wink some more ... Tony Abbott ...

Tony Abbott’s supporters are moving to crush comparisons with Kevin Rudd after the former prime minister revealed he will be recontesting the federal seat of Warringah at the next election.

Mr Abbott had previously said he wanted to take time off from politics to spend more time with his family.

But in a statement, he confirmed he would recontest the seat, saying his colleagues had encouraged him to stay in politics after leaving the prime ministership last year.

“I have been heartened by the support and encouragement I’ve received to continue to serve the country as a member of Parliament,” he said.

“Should I be renominated and elected, I am looking forward to working with Premier Mike Baird to ensure that the Warringah Peninsula gets better transport links to the rest of Sydney.”

Former employment minister Eric Abetz was quick to defend the move, denying Mr Abbott was like Mr Rudd, who returned to the prime ministership three years after he lost the leadership to Julia Gillard.

“Tony Abbott is absolutely no Kevin Rudd,” Senator Abetz told AM.

“Kevin Rudd was always about one thing only, Kevin Rudd, whereas Tony Abbott has always been about one thing, namely the Australian people.”

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THE QUESTIONS have never been answered ... John Hawkins five years ago on Tasmanian Times ...

Abetz and Channel Highway land deals

• Keith Antonysen in Comments: ”...Tony Abbott has always been about one thing, namely the Australian people.” Tony Abbott’s first budget was an attack on defenceless people;  driven by an extreme ideology. Abbott has been generally about the big end of town. He supported the coal industry to the hilt at the expense of tax payers; yet, pushed out the motor vehicle industry. Any promise he made was worth nothing. Every week there was at least one stuff up. Abbott was a man of his time…that is…1950s. There was a palpable sense of relief when he was ousted by Turnbull.

• John Hawkins in Comments: Dear Editor, It was just over 5 years ago that I wrote up the seemingly suspect Land deals of Abetz on the Channel Highway. Since then for over 5 years in order to keep the matter in the public eye I have paid for an advertisement on TT which your readers may click on to read all about it. I ask Senator Abetz who seems happy to spew out his bile on most subjects: Has the matter of your Channel Highway land deals been investigated and audited by the Tax Office if so what was the result? If not why not?

• Keith Antonysen in Comments: Abetz has excelled himself by saying that he will not support the views of a plebiscite if electors vote to provide social justice for marriage equality. Isn’t he meant to be reflecting the wishes of his constituents? Like Abbott, Abetz is a man of his time…that is ...the 1950s.