Image for Guess Who ...?

1.    Which real estate agent valued a CBD property at $2000 per s/m?

2.    Which taxpayer funded institution valued an adjacent property at $7592 per s/m. And why did they buy 6 other properties on the block but only called in an agent to negotiate the purchase of one?

3.    Which captain of the institution was informed but did nothing and millions over value continued to be paid to certain people?

4.    How many state and federal politicians have been informed that taxpayers’ money has been misused or more to the point given to multimillionaires?

5.    How many local newspapers, radio station and TV stations were given the information? ... still waiting for the headlines.

6.    Who were the two multimillionaires that received most of the largesse?

7.    Which whistleblower was informed back in 2014?  But immediately pulled on his ‘see no evil hear no evil’ cap.

8.    Which senator of the ‘keep ‘em honest’ brigade, promised to reveal all if an affidavit was signed confirming the information. Affidavit signed and sent, senator never heard from again.

9.    Which newly-elected state opposition person was asked to send a complaint to the government in an effect to get some justice? But won’t answer emails which have been sent asking how things are going? Who do you think elected you and pays your wages? And guess what, newly-elected politician, taxpayers don’t want their money given to multimillionaires and those responsible go unpunished.

10.  Which senator when informed?  replied…  “ It could well just be a case of good business practice by Mr ? and Mr ? and luck”. Sorry senator, I disagree I think it’s more likely they could be psychic.

*Annika Schmidt is “just a proud Tasmanian who is sick and tired of the blatant corruption and the cover-up by the mainstream media”.