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*Pic: Father Rod Bower,  Kelsang Dawa, Newcastle Archbishop Greg Thompson and Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed as religious leaders join to fight prejudice

Faysal Ishak Ahmed was told that there was nothing wrong, and now he is dead.  As we now know, Faysal was told a devastating, and ultimately fatal lie.

The Australian people are being told the same lie. We’re being told that there is nothing wrong … we’re being told that everything necessary is being done … and it’s all for our own good.

Faysal was told that … and now he is dead … and with his death something within us has died as well.

Faysal died slowly over six months. Faysal died from lies, neglect and the abuse of power. That is not what his death certificate will say … it will say something to the effect of “injuries sustained by a fall precipitated by a seizure” … but that too will be a lie.

Faysal died from a lack of compassion … as did Hamid and Reza … and so many others who have suicided, and drowned, and even fallen out of hospital windows; or simply died from a broken heart.
It’s not that we don’t care … we do … but just not enough of us care.

The right wing of the Liberal Party treats people like this for ideological reasons… the liberal Liberals are just too gutless to stand for their principles … and the Labor Party think it will be electoral suicide to prosecute a more compassionate refugee policy.

And maybe they are right … because as is so obscenely obvious … not enough of us really care.

Every time an asylum seeker dies something in the Australian psyche dies too.

I don’t know how long we have left until we join Faysal in the realm of the truly dead … but we most assuredly will join him unless we begin to hear our own cries for help … our own last gasps as life elusively slipping away.

The life-force is draining from our communal being.

Can we care enough to help others find compassion? I hope so.

Last week we heard Mr Peter Dutton (Immigration Minister) and Mr. Hadley lamenting that Christmas Carols are no longer sung in schools and nativity scenes are no longer seen in shopping centers; neither of them at all conscious that the Christ presence has nothing to do with romanticized lyrics and plaster figurines. 

If we are not sickened to the depths of our very souls at the death of Faysal Ishak Ahmed, if we are not moved to repentance for standing by and allowing it to happen and if we are not determined to make sure this evil is never repeated; then we have no right to sing the carols or to gaze upon the icon of vulnerability that we call the nativity.

Jarrod Mckenna from “Love Makes a Way” responded beautifully by remarking that if we wanted to put Christ back into Christmas we need to …

• Share with the poor
• Renounce war
• Welcome refugees
• Love neighbors and enemies
• And Live lives of enticing humble beauty

Can this be enough to inspire life back into the Australian soul?

I hope so.

Can light overcome darkness?

I believe so.

Can love overcome hatred?

I know so.

Although we are in the minority … care, hope, compassion, humility, inspiration, beauty, light and love is what we have to help our nation live … and that is enough … it has always been enough…

And we will prevail.

Thank you.

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