Image for But wait  ... there’s more: TT’s Tasmanians of the Year


Good things come in Threes ... no better exemplified than last night at The Hope and Anchor Tavern where TT knighted this year’s Tasmanian Times Tasmanians of The Year. And they are, from left, Martyn Goddard, Donzo Knowler, and Tom Ellison. ... all holding their - courtesy of the wonderful Artery - framed awards. A marvellous celebration of the wondrous contributions to society made by these three selfless writers. As the awards’ citation says: Keep Writing ... [The interloper in the middle is Lindsay (Poncy Wankers always talk of themselves in the Third Person)]. PS: We gatecrashed the Island party. Thanks Guyzzzz!x

• Pete Godfrey, in Comments: Congratulations to the TT award winners. I hope that Will calls you all in to Parliament to congratulate you all on the fine Tasmanian contribution you have all made. I may not hold my breath on that one, but thankyou all for the good work. Tres Hombres indeed.