Image for Arctic Heat Wave – An Ominous Sign!

*Pic: Orcas in melting Arctic Sea Ice

Abnormally high temperature in the Arctic circle.

The diminishing Artic ice sheet over the past 32 years -  Image – NASA.

The Arctic has just been subjected to a huge winter heat wave, so what does this mean? How many more seasonal changes and extremes in the earth’s weather patterns will it take before we adopt a unanimous belief that climate change is not only occurring but that there is an urgent need to redress this global life-threatening issue?

The North Pole winter temperature has just skyrocketed above freezing, which is well out of kilter to the normal sub zero to minus 30 range.

The sea ice temperature between January and February reached record lows while winter temperatures have risen to around 0 Centigrade for the past four years.

In northern Greenland the February temperature was above zero for over 60 hours. That’s more than 3 times the number of hours in the past years.

This is yet another warning sign that Climate Change is happening as it is driving more intense, more frequent heat waves across the coolest parts of the planet.

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The depth and declining expanse of the Artic Ice sheet poses a major threat to Polar Bear migration. Pic – Adrienne Tivy.

*Ted Mead is in constant disbelief that so many in the world haven’t yet accepted that climate change is happening.  For the deniers, the view that climate change means that the planet is supposed to be warming does not makes sense if there are cold extremes occurring elsewhere, and therefore can’t accept the science explaining the shifts in weather patterns.