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A statement on the federal cut to the Women’s Legal Service. Another reason to block the Appropriation Bills

The Federal Budget cut to the Women’s Legal Service Tasmania is another demonstration of why politicians should not wave the Appropriation Bills through the Parliament.

The Appropriation Bills contain the $100,000 cut to this vital legal service which provides essential legal advice to disadvantaged women in Tasmania. 

Hundreds of women will be affected.  Other Federal cuts have also put other community legal services under pressure with the Environmental Defenders Office facing closure.

I’ll do all I can to stop these cuts and will vote against the Appropriation Bills.

I again call on Labor and the Greens to represent the community and do the same.

The Federal Budget is a miserable piece of work and an ideological crusade against everyone except corporations, miners and the Defence Force. 

A line has been crossed. The convention of waving through the Appropriation Bills - which include cuts to the ABC and SBS, CSIRO and the Coalition’s plan to index pensions to CPI - does not stand. 

The political parties need to stand up if they’re fair dinkum about opposing the Budget.

Yes, we do need to deal with structural problems in the Federal Budget over the next few decades.

Taxing the wealthy more and tighter means testing of government payments are sensible. But companies making super profits could also pay more tax. 

The big four banks alone will post a $30bn profit this year.

The Government needs to go back to the drawing board and re-do the budget. If it refuses to then so be it, and we can go back to the polls where the people would decide this budget and indeed this government’s fate.