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For many freedom-lovers, Brexit was a great way to send a message to the powerful elite: “We want our independence now!”

Tasmanian masses and the British masses might be unified in realizing that the government is the problem.

Now, as the United Kingdom (UK) government drags its feet, the global clamor for independence becomes louder.

Why has it taken so long for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union?

Are Tasmania independence movements gaining momentum? Learn why the latest Brexit delays promise economic impact in Tasmania.

Global Distrust of Leaders

Did the British ever ask any nation whether it wanted to be ruled from its tiny, dreary island?

Of course not. This applied to Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington and the Tasmanians.

Now, the British masses are getting what the rest of the world got from the empire - oppression.

The chickens have come home to roost.

On June 23rd, 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. After a year, the country still has not left. So, is England still a democracy when it does not follow the will of the people?

The British Parliament is saying that the new actual fulfillment of Brexit will take place on midnight of Brussels time - March 29, 2019. Notice how they say “Brussels” time? The politicians still don’t get it, do they?

Fox Guarding Hen House

Doesn’t it seem like all of the leaders of England have already sold their souls to Brussels? If England is to be independent, it should be predicated on English time, not Brussels time. The criminals have revealed their perfidy by their word slips.

Now, the Brussels politicians in England are dragging their feet. Pro-Brexit politicians are stating the obvious: “This is a gross contempt of this place [UK government].” Putting Gandhi in jail was a gross contempt of the UK government, so what are the British complaining about? They are mad because the criminals are oppressing them and not the Indians or Tasmanians.

No Legal Way to Leave

Contract law is the basis for any functioning society, but the founders of the European Union did not understand a basic element, called an Escape Clause. If an entity does not satisfy its end of the bargain, then the contract is null and void. That was not written into the European Union.

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave: “Hotel California” sung by the Eagles ( ).

There is no legal way for England to leave the European Union. But, that doesn’t matter because regions such as Catalonia, Scotland, Texas and Tasmania want to be independent. They know the elite don’t represent them.

Democracy or Bankerocracy?

Why are Brits so angry? Instead of being a democracy, England acted more like a bankerocracy during the Credit Crunch of 2008. It stole from the masses to bail out the High Street bankers. This corruption might have led to the Brexit of 2016.

Of course, you should ask photographer Noelle Neff about her views. She might support freedom to take photographs around the world in Catalonia, Texas or Tasmania. She might believe that Tasmanians are beautiful people, who can rule themselves.

Global Independence Tide

And, Neff would be on the right side of history, as are those who voted for Brexit. Nations rise and nations fall as the people stand up for themselves.

Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Americans published the Declaration of Independence. Did the British Empire respect the will of the American people? No. Americans voted for Donald Trump because they reject globalism.

Tasmania Independence

The British should be appalled by their genocide against the Tasmanian people. While they invaded Iraq, they ignored their own genocide against Tasmania. Can you say hypocrisy?

There is evidence of native Tasmanians having lived on the island for 40,000 years. When the British arrived, they allowed for guerrilla warfare and disease to decimate the native Tasmanian population. This is a pattern of genocide, according to honest historians.

Corrupt British politicians stole from the British masses to bail out bankers and native Tasmanians to reward criminals. See the trend?

Native Tasmanians have the right to be free and independent. The British committed genocide and then added insult to injury by bringing in criminals to occupy the nation. Who are the present rulers of Tasmania? Descendants of genocidal criminals.

The Brexit delay suggests that Tasmania should continue its move towards independence.

Justice is on the side of Tasmania independence.

Tasmanians have nothing to lose, but their chains.

*Noelle Neff is majoring in journalism