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Do the Liberals Really Want to Destroy the Logging Industry ... ?

Image for Do the Liberals Really Want to Destroy the Logging Industry ... ?

Ted Mead*
27.07.17 12:08 pm

Log, log, log!  This is the monotonous mantra of the state’s Liberals at the moment. But deep within in the inner sanctum of the party there is probably a realistic acknowledgement that an uncertified native forest logging industry in Tasmania is a premorbid dead duck. Yet in an effort to cover for FT/STT’s $100 million annual loss, the Liberals are desperate to point the finger elsewhere for the industry’s demise. Hailing the TFA as the cause of the native forestry export decline, the Libs constantly attempt to shift the blame on to Labor and their alliance with the Greens and conservationists …

Mongabay: Mothers vs. loggers: the destruction of Białowieża Forest splits Poland … Today, primeval forests no longer stretch across the European continent, casting comforting shadows that hold the promise of food, shelter, fuel, and fresh, clean air. The few remaining are holed up, fenced in, driven back to small pockets of land. Here, they make a final stand. The same notion of human progress they made possible is now slashing and burning them out of existence. If these forests are destroyed, their memories and vast wealth of biodiversity and ecosystem benefits will vanish forever. “The Białowieża Forest is the last European island of primevality, it is our great heritage and responsibility,” said Kowalczyk. “We have to protect it.”

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‘Commercial fisherman launches Okehampton Bay occupation’

Laura Kelly, Strategy Director, Environment Tasmania Media Release Pic*
27.07.17 12:01 pm

Image for ‘Commercial fisherman launches Okehampton Bay occupation’

Today a commercial fisherman will start a two week occupation of Okehampton Bay in protest of Tassal’s industrial salmon farm. Despite ongoing community opposition, salmon giant Tassal, the biggest fisheries company in Australia, is set to commence operations in Okehampton Bay on Tasmania’s stunning east coast in August …

… “I’ve caught a lot of flack for standing up against this, but as a commercial fisherman I have a right to question the impacts salmon farming has on our marine environment, because all of our jobs depend on healthy fish stocks,” Mr Massie says. “My family and generations of my wife’s family have lived around and love Orford, which is a special spot for families with small boats and for recreational fishing … ”

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The Neoliberal Wolf as the Good Shepherd of Mass Immigration

Dr Wildlife Ecology* Pic*
26.07.17 5:44 am

Image for The Neoliberal Wolf as the Good Shepherd of Mass Immigration

Democratic societies prove their credentials by the worth of their public debate. But for over a decade the bipartisan plans to accelerate our immigration intake have been pursued without so much as a murmur of consultation with the electorate. Australia now has one of the fastest rates of population growth among all developed countries. Population growth produces a worsening outlook for our sustainable use of resources in virtually every way. Yet most of us have compliantly tiptoed around even some of the more obvious indicators of unplanned growth – such as declining living standards in our major cities due to the lack of corresponding infrastructure investment …

• William Bourke in Comments: The big Australia agenda is indeed driven by corporate/consumption objectives rather than any overriding altruistic motive …

• Christopher Eastman-Nagle in Comments: … Thanks Doc for standing up to the pricks.

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NATION: Turnbull’s super-ministry ...

Urban Wronksi (aka David Tyler*) Pic*
25.07.17 7:25 am

Image for NATION: Turnbull’s super-ministry ...

… A PM who truly cares about national security would look within. The war on terror is a hoax. The government’s capture by business, mining and banking has led it to inflict injustice and indignity including the cruel trickle-down fraud of $65 billion dollar tax breaks for business in the pretence of prosperity for all. Forget the war on terror, Prime Minister. Spare us the weird theatricals. Look at rampant inequality fostered by your neoliberal economic policies. If you want better security, cease your war on the poor and the vulnerable, the cutting benefits and penalty rates. Address underemployment. Get real about enforcing working conditions and pay rates. Ensure that businesses pay a fair rate of tax …

Guardian: Alan Tudge waves his wand – and turns welfare debate upside down

Ross Gittins, Fairfax: Big business influence wanes as public rejects ‘bizonomics’

Guardian: Burst your bubble Australia: conservatives struggle with disunity

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Ludlam and Abetz: The Goose and the Gander ...

John Hawkins* Chudleigh. Pic: of Eric Abetz in the Senate
25.07.17 7:20 am

Image for Ludlam and Abetz: The Goose and the Gander ...

Lindsay Tuffin: ‘To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness’ - Oscar Wilde. To lose one Senator may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two Senators looks like carelessness - Guardian HERE. Larissa Waters’ announcement HERE

The Guardian on the 16th of July ( HERE ) quotes the attorney general George Brandis stating that he has “no sympathy for Scott Ludlam” who he said had been extremely negligent when he ran for the Senate at three elections despite still being a New Zealand citizen

Fairfax: Greens senator Larissa Waters’ resignation triggers wave of MPs declaring Australian allegiance

3AW: Derryn Hinch turns citizenship blowtorch on Liberal Senator

ABC: Australian politicians born overseas jump to clarify citizenship after Waters, Ludlam bungles

JOHN HAWKINS’ earlier articles challenging Eric Abetz ...

• PB in Comments: Here is the full text of Eric Abetz’s statement to the Senate on 25 October 2010 in which he claims …

• John Hawkins in Comments: … Further I am willing to donate $10,000 to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery if Abetz can come up with a legal document obtained from the German Government applying for and then accepting his resignation of German citizenship in either 1992 or 1974. He has claimed possession of proof but so far no sighting. By failing as a barrister and solicitor to complete his 2010 nomination form correctly he knows it is invalid. I will double the amount if this is so and he is thrown out of Parliament on this technicality. Now editors of the Mercury and the Examiner that is a story ...

• Steve in Comments: … With regard to Abetz, I’m with John. He renounced his German nationality. How can you renounce something you don’t have? If Abetz had been confident in his nationality he would have faced the challenge in court and killed it dead. The renouncing was an avoidance tactic based on a lack of confidence that the court would support his position. Had the court ruled Abetz ineligible, that would have open a very lively tin of worms; especially in light of John’s previous objections!

• Download John Hawkins’ Plea placed before the High Court in 2010 ...

FROM Bob Burton’s article ( HERE ), published September 23, 2010 ...

Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz is facing a High Court challenge over whether he was eligible to nominate for the 2010 election. Abetz’s nomination form, which was submitted to the Australian Electoral Commission in July, has been released under the Freedom of Information Act. (Note: Abetz’s home address and phone number have been blacked out by TT)

Download ...

Independent Australia: Eric Abetz vs Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters: Why the s44 double standard? Why did Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters resign from Parliament over holding dual citizenship, but not Eric Abetz? Michael~John Shea reports.

ABC: Coalition infighting damaging Government, says longtime Abbott supporter Eric Abetz

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‘Sustainable’ Timber Tasmania and the logging near Styx road ...

25.07.17 6:28 am

Image for ‘Sustainable’ Timber Tasmania and the logging near Styx road  ...

This is a popular tourist drive which Forestry Tasmania has logged right next to the tourist road to the Styx valley …

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Linking the Microbiome, Diet, the Brain and Mental Health

Dr Anonymous* Pic*
25.07.17 6:15 am

Image for Linking the Microbiome, Diet, the Brain and Mental Health

Mounting evidence supports the concept that our gut is indeed the brain outside the brain, with continued exploration of the ‘gut-brain axis’ and relationships between the gut microbiome and brain function …

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‘New polling: Salmon governance failure bites for Hodgman’. Bonham on separate poll ...

Laura Kelly, Strategy Director, Environment Tasmania Media Release. Pic: of Will Hodgman from his website
24.07.17 5:30 am

Image for ‘New polling: Salmon governance failure bites for Hodgman’. Bonham on separate poll ...

WEDNESDAY, July 26 ...

Mercury: Glamorgan Spring Bay Council approves planning scheme change for Okehampton Bay foreshore

TUESDAY, July 25 ...

Environment Tasmania: Don’t zone Tassie’s east coast industrial Tasmania’s peak environment group will be attending the meeting of Glamorgan Spring Bay Council tonight to object to an application by salmon farming giant, Tassal, to have endangered whale calving habitat on Tasmania’s east coast zoned industrial. 6000 Environment Tasmania supporters have written to Council objecting to rezoning of ‘Environmental Management’ and ‘Public Reserve’ land and water, to ‘light industrial’ zoning with a variation to allow for industrial aquaculture operations …

New polling by Reachtel released today shows significant community concerns about outdated salmon farming practices and the influence of big salmon companies over the Hodgman Liberal Government in Tasmania …

The ReachTEL poll result is available HERE

ABC: East coast mayor hoses down salmon farming as Tasmania election issue

THE EXPERT Dr Kevin Bonham has today published on the implications of a separate ReachTEL poll done for Mercury ...

Reachtel: It’s all about Lyons

Mercury: New polling reveals Labor Leader Rebecca White preferred Tasmanian premier over Will Hodgman

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Investing for kids (Part 2) - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Naked Investor*
24.07.17 5:24 am

Image for Investing for kids (Part 2) - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Quick recap: In Part 1, I explained why investment bonds make terrible investments for kids. They’re the ‘bad’. Today, I’m bringing you the ‘good’, but let’s get ‘ugly’ out of the way first.

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When is an airbag not an airbag ... ?

Copyright 2017 Kelvin T Jones* Pic*
24.07.17 5:00 am

Image for When is an airbag not an airbag ... ?

When it becomes a UED (unstable explosive device) … … Australia’s political leaders have seemed to ignore this information when dealing with the Takata airbag crisis. I believe both Federal and State laws and standard protocols governing explosive safety and classification have been (perhaps illegally) ignored by our most senior politicians who must have had to sanction Australia’s policy in dealing with this extremely dangerous crisis. Why?  …

BBC: Takata: Airbag-maker files for banktuptcy

ABC: Driver likely killed by defective Takata airbag in Sydney crash, police say A man who died in a Sydney car crash last week was likely killed because of a defective airbag, police say. Police are linking the Takata airbag to the death of a 58-year-old man, who was driving a Honda CRV when it collided with a Toyota Celica in Cabramatta last Thursday …

ABC: Takata airbag recall process leaves drivers with ‘ticking time-bombs’, Choice says

• Marie Salvatore in Comments: Re AIRBAG RECALL my son has been telling friends and family about this problem for years people are now listening today, my self not taking it serious for a while was getting in a car with a faulty air bag but had it solved a while back, now there could be a problem as it could have been replaced with another faulty bag. We rang the car dealer Mitsubishi in Hobart today to check the type of airbag put in the car and was offered no help what’s so ever after begging would they find out for me it was still to no avail in which I was very very disappointed,I then proceeded to ring another car company to find out re airbag, and could not have asked for better service ...

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I am no longer a proud Australian ...

Elizabeth Fleetwood* Pic*
24.07.17 4:47 am

Image for I am no longer a proud Australian ...

Thoughts on the arms race … Australia has its problems, in common with many other westernised countries, but in the larger world view I would said, until quite recently, that it’s still a good place to live in. Alas, no longer, not since Turnbull and Pyne stated that the government wants to help Australia to become a “world player” in the arms trade and a net exporter of arms …

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Deterioration in public psychiatry

Anonymous Doctor*
24.07.17 4:00 am

Image for Deterioration in public psychiatry

Dear Sir, I have just completed a three-year tour of duty across Australia working as a locum consultant psychiatrist. At my last position, I worked as a consultant on the psychiatric ward at a leading state hospital …

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‘Former Huon mayor Calls for TasWater mediation’

Peter Coad, former Huon Valley Mayor Media Release. Pic*
22.07.17 6:40 am

Image for ‘Former Huon mayor Calls for TasWater mediation’

The Hodgman Government should wake up to itself and mediate a solution to the TasWater impasse, said former Huon Valley mayor Peter Coad today. “Anyone, by throwing a bucket of taxpayers’ money at a problem, can come up with a proposal that would speed up TasWater’s program,” he said. “But, by doing so, vested interests will spot the opportunity for quick financial returns by giving their support to Minister for Planning and Local Government Peter Gutwein’s proposal. “The question is, if the same amount of money were given to TasWater as a council-owned entity, would it do a better job?  …

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Sustainable Timber Tasmania – The Farce and Insanity Continues!

Ted Mead*
21.07.17 4:15 am

Image for Sustainable Timber Tasmania – The Farce and Insanity Continues!

July 1st witnessed the transition from FT to STT but what does this mean regarding operational reform and financial management of our state forests beyond the usual smoke and mirrors?  Nothing really! It’s just another version of the same old horror show with simply a new logo … !

• Andrew in Comments: How on earth can FT change their name to STT when they have destroyed 80 percent of leatherwood resources and crippled the speciality timber industry with their clear felling practices. They went in hard before the world heritage extension to log as much as possible before it was taken out of their hands and every year they have operated they have never planted one speciality species for the future. Massive joke, is it even legal?

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Defiant Faith ...

Scott MacInnes*
21.07.17 4:00 am

Image for Defiant Faith ...

At the end of 1897, the artist Paul Gauguin was in despair. Mourning the tragic death of his favourite daughter earlier in the year, he was ill and dejected. His tropical paradise had failed. He decided to commit suicide but wanted to paint one last, grand, testamentary picture …

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NATION: Turnbull tries to hide in Menzies’ mantle ...

Urban Wronksi (aka David Tyler*) Pic: Pic: Flickr Donkey Hotey
21.07.17 3:45 am

Image for NATION: Turnbull tries to hide in Menzies’ mantle ...

“The Queen has embodied selfless public service, dignity, wisdom, leadership for and more magnificently than anyone alive today, there is not doubt.” In a florid tribute which betrays more than he realises, a fawning Malcolm Turnbull, proclaims himself not only an Elizabethan but also a Republican, a surprisingly belated affirmation of a cause which he has shunned since being out-manoevered by John Howard in the skewed 1999 plebiscite. He also declares the Liberal Party is centrist. It’s another incredible twist in a week of surprises as the PM extends his G20 junket to buddy up with Macron, hoping he won’t notice how we treat meeting our Paris Accord as a joke, return Abbott’s sniping, evade his fifteenth damning News Poll and do the dirty on the states on clean energy. All up, his grand tour is a tonic.

Saturday, Lazarus Mal is back, lurching to the right to massage Queensland Liberal Party prejudices. Coal-fired power opponents are “delusional”, he hollers. He’s all about energy security, stability and lower prices. The sunshine state is committed to coal-fired electricity. The coal bludgers also have the nation’s highest electricity prices …

Fairfax: ‘We might wake up and find the peasants are revolting’: Elites diagnose our political disease

Wilkie: Be terrified of Dutton’s super-security ministry

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‘Ex-mayor calls for Huon-Kingborough LG reform talks’

Peter Coad, former Huon Valley Mayor Media Release. Pic: Peter Gutwein's website
20.07.17 4:56 am

Image for ‘Ex-mayor calls for Huon-Kingborough LG reform talks’

Local Government Minister Peter Gutwein’s decision to extend Huon Valley Council Commissioner Adriana Taylor’s appointment for 12 months was a correct call and in the best interests of valley ratepayers, said the council’s former Mayor, Peter Coad, today …

Andrew Wilkie: Greater Hobart needs a strategic plan.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster: Councils have no intention of backing off on TasWater

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Live near the beach? Coral reef expert Charlie Veron has some advice for you ...

Tim Elliott, Fairfax. Pic*
20.07.17 4:45 am

Image for Live near the beach? Coral reef expert Charlie Veron has some advice for you ...

… “We have crossed a bridge now, and we have burnt it,” he says, sitting on his patio overlooking the creek, eating a ham and cheese roll. Moving out, should it come to that, will be a mixed challenge. The 72-year-old Veron is a veteran “chucker-outtera”: apart from a defunct pool table and his father’s army dress sword, he has few material possessions. He gets his clothes from Vinnies (“the best shop in the world”), doesn’t own a pair of formal shoes and has successfully purged his home of coral specimens, which remind him of work …

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FREE! Two books to give away ... BOTH gone ...

19.07.17 4:52 am

Image for FREE! Two books to give away ... BOTH gone ...

Tasmanian Times has been gifted two books (both gone) to give away ... Kevin Moylan’s ‘One Flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest’. As always all you have to do is write to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . Include your snail-mail addy. As always first in, best dressed ...

EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ...

Tasmanian Whistleblower tells all in explosive new book

Extract from One Flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest

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Kim Peart* Image*
18.07.17 5:37 am

Image for Why?

There are moments in life when we are shocked into asking “Why?” …

Guardian: Minneapolis protests as police chief quits over Justine Damond shooting

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Do the Liberals Really Want to Destroy the Logging Industry ... ?

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