"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Prescription Medications and Other Things That Could Be Making You Fat!

Image for Prescription Medications and Other Things That Could Be Making You Fat!

Dr Anonymous* June 2017
24.06.17 6:00 am

If you are overweight, or obese, you probably blame yourself, right? Well, maybe you shouldn’t entirely …

• Mike Bolan in Comments: … Good to read such an informative and relevant article ...

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A Crying in the Wind ... Tom’s story

Elizabeth Fleetwood. Pic*
24.06.17 5:45 am

Image for A Crying in the Wind ... Tom’s story

An extract from Elizabeth Fleetwood’s A Crying in the Wind, described by acclaimed Historian Henry Reynolds as ‘a big saga tracing its people through two centuries of island life ... fascinating, and well-informed by in-depth historical research’ Setting the scene:  Southern Midlands, 1821;  Tom (real name Kickerterpoller) was brutally wrenched, aged around five,  from his murdered Aboriginal family by white sealers, and raised in the household of WT Birch, an ambitious merchant in early Hobart. Though not treated unkindly in the physical sense, socially he was in the same category as the convicts; perhaps even less so.  Note: ‘Tarena’ indicates the island of Tasmania.

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Forestry Tasmania’s destruction of El Grande ...

John Hawkins* Chudleigh. Pic*
23.06.17 5:30 am

Image for Forestry Tasmania’s destruction of El Grande ...

In 2003 El Grande, possibly the largest living object on the planet, was destroyed by Forestry Tasmania as a result of an escaped regeneration burn. Forestry Tasmania - with Thuggo Lennon as Minister for Forests - ran the Tasmanian logging world as its personal fiefdom. As a result no mention can be traced of this ecological disaster, a matter of world interest, in the columns of either the Examiner or the Mercury - such was their power to control the Tasmanian news cycle …

YESTERDAY on Tasmanian Times ...

‘Two Year reprieve for Threatened Forests’

• Mark Temby in Comments: #6, one of the puzzling things about our fine timbers exported for national and international demand was how Tasmania had more wood chips than all the other states for such a sustained period. As annual exports grew beyond $5 million tonnes Bacon and Lennon stopped access to the statistics. FOI laws were deliberately difficult as FT was a GBE and no longer the Forestry Commission. One year some clever Dickens went through the Ports Authority and gained the record figure around 6 million tonnes. Lennon quickly closed yet another loophole. I like Tasmanian fine furniture - particularly those chipboard cupboards that last about two years before they get dumped at the tip. Seriously, #6, don’t just type rhetorical nonsense for something to do with your mornings …

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‘Two Year Reprieve for Threatened Forests’

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens' Leader and Forests spokesperson Media Release Pic*
22.06.17 4:02 pm

Image for ‘Two Year Reprieve for Threatened Forests’

356 000 hectares of the most beautiful, carbon rich forests on the planet have won a temporary reprieve from the Liberals’ destructive, divisive logging plan. A majority of MLCs saw straight through a nasty, highly political piece of legislation to reignite forest conflict, and rejected it. The Liberals did not have a mandate to log high conservation value, carbon rich forests and reignite forest conflict …

Minister Barnett can spit the dummy and blame MLCs, but this is all on his head …

ABC: Defeat for Tasmanian Government’s plan to recommence logging

Guy Barnett: Labor’s Vote on Forest Bill Shows Plans for New Green Deal

Labor: Chance for the Government to be constructive on forestry

Vica Bayley, The Wilderness Society: Rejection of divisive forest legislation welcome – proper protection needed

Peg Putt: Temporary Reprieve for Tasmania’s Unprotected HCV Forests

Andrew Denman, Tasmanian Special Timbers Alliance (TSTA): Special Timbers Sector Impacted by Failure to Pass Legislation

Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber: Conservationists call on Tasmanian Labor to commit to securely protecting forests

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FOXES: Tasmania’s fantastic joke

David Obendorf*
22.06.17 5:30 am

Image for FOXES: Tasmania’s fantastic joke

… In the earliest years (2001-02) the Federal Government was asked to finance the Tasmanian fox incursion but to its credit it requested a formal ‘case definition’ which could be properly and scientifically evaluated. But the State Minister at the time David Llewellyn publicly badgered the Commonwealth into providing emergency assistance based on a perceived immediate need to detect and remove live foxes DPIPWE alleged were on the run in various parts of Tasmania … the blurred world of science risk assessment and political opportunism. Tasmania’s ‘war on foxes’ policy was completely government-inspired. This fantastically imaginative campaign had its own special workforce; a small army that we were told kept on looking for this rare and elusive creature for 15 years … but they were never able to locate them in any Tasmanian landscape …

What Tasmanians don’t know (and hopefully is a matter that will be examined by the Integrity Commission) is a claim that false and misleading information that was accepted as critical intelligence was provided to a nationally-recognised fox ecologist in an attempt to convince that person to professionally and publicly support Tasmania in its quest to get the Commonwealth to pay. Astonishingly that information given as trustworthy official knowledge to a known fox ecologist turned out to be patently wrong – i.e. baseless and uncorroborated. But Tasmania’s fox was out of the bag and on the run! …

• Jason Hearn in Comments: If you want to catch a fox you just have to let some chickens run around. I could set up a program with a couple hundred chickens, if there are foxes I should have one in a couple of days. I can do it for 10% discount on the existing forward estimates (mates’ rates)

• Jack J in Comments: #45: I guess we will see. After being on the forefront of post truth cryptozoology, best practice media propaganda and enough hubris to choke a fat real estate agent we await the Tasmanian government’s next move.  Nothing will surprise me. It might be that there was ‘no problem at all’ OR that ‘we have all learned a lot from the experience and will do better next time, so let’s all move on…’

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Naked in the Derwent ...

Lindsay Tuffin* Pics: Rosie Gude, Giles Hugo
21.06.17 9:43 am

Image for Naked in the Derwent ...

Sun peaked through the eastern horizon and we were offffffffffffffff …

ABC: Dark Mofo: Nude swim’s popularity results in towel shortage on Tasmanian beach

Guardian: Dark Mofo: towel shortage adds chill to nude solstice swim

• Mike Moore in Comments: Dear Old Linz ... You have done wonders for the diet I visit every week or so. I was just about to prepare lunch when visions of you and others diving naked into the Derwent (which did nothing to deserve such punishment) put me right off my stride. I shall probably not eat now for two or three days.. Or more … Regards, Fat Old Mike Moore, Hervey Bay.

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The Tarkine Pebble Route – Myth or Mystery?

Ted Mead* Pic*
21.06.17 5:45 am

Image for The Tarkine Pebble Route – Myth or Mystery?

It has been claimed that the Tasmanian Aboriginals used a trade route from the Surrey Plains across the Tarkine wilderness to the coastline. But where exactly was this path, how often was it used, and was it maintained … ?

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NATION: Turnbull government in crisis as ministers face contempt charges

Urban Wronksi (aka David Tyler*) Pic*
19.06.17 6:00 am

Image for NATION: Turnbull government in crisis as ministers face contempt charges

… Bugger the humdrum stuff of responsible government when lads can play politics instead. Best Crosby (dead cat on the table diversion) goes to Peter Dutton’s secret citizenship test, a solution dog-whistling a problem, which is finally revealed to include a written English language test in a nostalgic bid for the official bigotry of White Australia.  Anyone can become a citizen provided he or she has a university level of written language proficiency. And if Dutton says so. No matter that Australia has no official language. It’ll help keep the Muslims down …

“Go fuck yourself” Abbott tells Craig Laundy. It’s an “ugly” bust-up, Liberal MPs report, in a three-hour session held Wednesday. All of Finkel is reduced to how we need to keep coal at any cost. Besides, coal is OK now. It’s clean and there’s carbon capture and storage. Low emission coal. It’s clear this week that if the boys have read Finkel they have not understood a word. The discussion of the blueprint becomes an excuse to air the same stale platitudes and lies. Renewables are too expensive. We will always need coal because it’s cheap and reliable …

It’s enough to get any boy band back on the road. Cap’n Abbott and the Carbonistas, a gospel rock revival group are all over Canberra airwaves this week. The boys reprise “gimme that coal-time religion” a toe-tapping gospel hymn of praise to blind faith in a toxic black rock as the nation’s true salvation while still maintaining their trademark grievance and sense of entitlement …

My name is Ossama Abdalla Wahab ... 

ABC: Why you’re about to pay through the nose for power Tony Abbott’s decision to kill the carbon tax was a disaster for power consumers, writes Ian Verrender

Supreme Court of Victoria: Statement of the Court of Appeal in Terrorism cases

Guardian: Judge defends independence of courts in wake of Dutton comments

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Warren Buffett’s Biggest Mistake ...

The Naked Investor* Pic*
19.06.17 5:45 am

Image for Warren Buffett’s Biggest Mistake ...

Second in a new series ... financial advice from The Naked Investor. All columns are collected under Writers HERE . Buffett the Vampire Slayer If you’ve never heard the name Warren Buffett, then here’s the quick intro: He’s an 86-year-old American guy worth more than $100 billion.

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A Crying in the Wind ... a Tasmanian story

Elizabeth Fleetwood. Pic*
19.06.17 5:36 am

Image for A Crying in the Wind ... a Tasmanian story

An extract from Elizabeth Fleetwood’s A Crying in the Wind, described by acclaimed Historian Henry Reynolds as ‘a big saga tracing its people through two centuries of island life ... fascinating, and well-informed by in-depth historical research’ Setting the scene:  Alan, a fifty-something Hobart man has just resigned his public service job for poorly-thought-out reasons, and is visiting his mother’s brother on the NW Coast.  James, also a central character in this story, sets out with his son Ty for a planned weekend up at the family shack.  Neither have any idea of the drama that is closing around them …

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An Inquiring letter to Guy Barnett ...

Ted Mead*
19.06.17 5:30 am

Image for An Inquiring letter to Guy Barnett ...

Hey Guy Barnett … What’s Happening with Sustainable Timber Tasmania … ?

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‘Not in Australia’s interest’: Ban the Bomb vigil ...

Yabbo Thompson*
18.06.17 4:30 am

Image for ‘Not in Australia’s interest’: Ban the Bomb vigil ...

Cassy O’Connor MHA, decried the fact that the Australian Government has sent no representative to the UN treaty negotiation and when Senator Lisa Singh questioned this during Senate estimates was told ‘it was not in Australia’s interest’ to be involved … ! 

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Who runs politics? The Dead Camel Party? The Shitters’ Party?

Evan Whitton* Pic: Young Napoleon from Wikipedia
17.06.17 5:30 am

Image for Who runs politics? The Dead Camel Party? The Shitters’ Party?

How the law is a racket funded by taxpayers Taxpayers fund the legal system and pay the wages of judges, prosecutors, court officials, and long-suffering detectives. It is not surprising that the system is a racket; England has been awash with rackets for centuries …

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A dim (re)view of Tasmanian Yrs9-12 education

Professor Eleanor Ramsay* and Professor Michael Rowan*
16.06.17 5:00 am

Image for A dim (re)view of Tasmanian Yrs9-12 education

In July 2016 the Tasmanian Government commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to undertake an independent review of Years 9 to 12. It can be downloaded from the Department of Education website ( HERE ) here, and our full critique is HERE . …

Fairfax: UN agency ranks Australia 39 out of 41 countries for quality education

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Open letter to David Walsh ...

Emma Haswell, Brightside Farm Sanctuary founder
16.06.17 4:30 am

Image for Open letter to David Walsh ...

… Launceston and Hobart last year had the highest number of google hits nationally on veganism. This did not come about as a result of events such as ‘150 Action’. I emplore you to be kind and empathic and show respect for the bull whose fate is in your hands. Please spare his life and allow him to live at Brightside Farm Sanctuary …

Scott MacInnes EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ...

Mind what you eat. Bon Appetit!

The DarkMofo/Nitsch debate ...

THURSDAY, June 15 ...

ABC: Dark Mofo: Janet Holmes a Court questions method in Hobart sacrificial bull show

SATURDAY, June 17 ...

Animals Tasmania: Why kill for art or food?

Dark Mofo: Hermann Nitsch’s bull slaughter show gets mixed reviews

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Just Incredible ... the $70 million payout ...

Lindsay Tuffin* Pic*
15.06.17 6:05 am

Image for Just Incredible ... the $70 million payout ...

Incredibly, it has cost the Federal Liberal Government $70 million in compensation to more than 1900 asylum seekers detained at Manus Island in a landmark deal thought to be Australia’s largest-ever human rights-related settlement. The government will also pay the asylum seekers’ legal costs, estimated at $20 million. ( Guardian HERE )

Guardian: Patriot shame: new citizens deserve respect, not contempt

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Just who is a ‘proper stakeholder’ Minister Frydenberg ... ?

Ray Norman*
15.06.17 5:30 am

Image for Just who is a ‘proper stakeholder’ Minister Frydenberg ... ?

Given that a “stakeholder” was the person who held the money/stake in a bet, the term has something of a ambiguous history in the English language usage.  In matters of governance ‘stakeholder’ has come to mean those with a vested cum pecuniary interest in something – the ambiguity persists unsurprisingly. However, Josh Frydenberg has it seems invented another class of ‘stakeholder’ in so much as he indicates that in order to be consulted one, it seems, needs to be a “proper stakeholder”.

The Saturday Paper: In Parliament, incompetence goes bipartisan

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The Strategic Growth Plan ...

Andrew Ricketts, Convenor, The Environment Association. Pic*
15.06.17 5:14 am

Image for The Strategic Growth Plan ...

Please download: A Strategic Growth Plan for the Tasmanian Forests, Fine Timber and Wood Fibre Industry ...

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Lilydale Water Supply: correcting a $7m error ...

John Hawkins* Chudleigh. Pic*
15.06.17 5:00 am

Image for Lilydale Water Supply: correcting a $7m error ...

In 2009 the well-known Lilydale family of Bardenhagen decided to clearfell 246 acres of their land immediately abutting and above the intake point of the Lilydale town water supply …

Watch HERE: This documentary is now 8 years old and details an interesting time in forestry in Tasmania. Gunns Ltd and Forestry Tasmania were given the opportunity to have their views included in the film, but refused.

• John Hawkins in Comments: … This payment is another classic example of the Tasmanian Joke … (with link to documents tabled in Federal Parliament by Andrew Wilkie MP

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Mind what you eat. Bon appetit!

Scott MacInnes* Pic*
14.06.17 6:15 am

Image for Mind what you eat. Bon appetit!

London is full of chickens on electric spits,
Cooking in windows where the public pass.
This, say the chickens, is their Auschwitz,
And all poultry eaters are psychopaths.

_ Peter Porter

Animal Liberation Tasmania: Animal Rights groups issue one last plea for mercy ...

ALSO on Tasmanian Times ...

Open letter to David Walsh ...

THURSDAY, June 15 ...

ABC: Dark Mofo: Janet Holmes a Court questions method in Hobart sacrificial bull show

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Prescription Medications and Other Things That Could Be Making You Fat!

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