"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Tasmanian State election: The Pearlfish factor

Image for Tasmanian State election: The Pearlfish factor

Michael Powell* Pic*
22.03.18 4:40 am

In the tropical sandy ocean floor there are not many private places but the pearlfish has a unique solution: it hides up the anus of the trepang or sea cucumber. Interestingly the trusty trepang, when attacked, will defend itself by chucking up its guts much like those on the outside pavement who Love Your Local …

… This should be seen for what it is: the THA being reimbursed for its political spending on behalf of the Liberal government. This is breathtaking corruption by any definition, yet many, even in Labor, see it as political business as usual. And that complacency is disturbing. The level of corruption can only be appreciated when contrasted with the Federal Liberal Governments’ obsessive campaign to shut down the political activity of charities and non-profit advocacy groups like Get Up. “Freedom of Speech”, it would seem, principally applies to pro-government advocacy organisations like the THA …

Satire by John ...

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‘Ministerial documents reveal Commonwealth concerns about ‘old science’ ...

ABC. Pic: Ted Mead of the Tarkine
22.03.18 4:30 am

Image for ‘Ministerial documents reveal Commonwealth concerns about ‘old science’ ...

... and ‘validity’ of forest agreements’ The Federal Government is staring down the prospect of legal challenges to a series of forest agreements allowing logging in native forests across Australia …

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NATION: From the conundrum of the SA election to the riddle of the ASEAN Way

Urban Wronski* (aka David Tyler*). Pic*
21.03.18 4:30 am

Image for NATION: From the conundrum of the SA election to the riddle of the ASEAN Way

… Context matters. As do key actors. The SA Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission was chaired by Supreme Court Judge Ann Vanstone, sister-in-law of former federal Liberal minister Amanda Vanstone, appointed in October 2015 under state laws requiring the chair to be the court’s most senior judge. Labor appealed against the redistribution and lost. A unique, “electoral fairness”, clause in SA’s constitution requires the commission to attempt to set new boundaries so that a group of candidates which receives more than 50 per cent of the popular vote “will be elected in sufficient numbers to enable a government to be formed”. On ABC Insiders, Sunday, a guest recalls an ABC 2016 report that The Liberal Party’s chances of winning the 2018 South Australian election were greatly improved by a boundary redistribution which “notionally handed the party up to four additional seats”  …

… The post-Vandemonian pandemonium over Big Gambling’s buying of last week’s Tasmania’s election is quickly drowned out as souped-up chainsaws rev up to tear into Tarkine timber whilst the staccato rattle of automated fire destroys the natural tranquility as cockies, graziers and sporting shooters get bigger, quicker guns in their war on nature …

Inside Story: Saturday’s two big contests ... the morning after Voters swung to Labor in Batman and South Australia, but with very different results

New Matilda: Major Change To South Australian Electoral System Hidden From Voters Many South Australians will be profoundly mislead (sic) about how the vote they make on March 17 will work to select the next Parliament …

Mark Butler, The Age: This is how Labor wins elections

Crikey: If the US data gathering stories worried you, we have some bad news … News of Cambridge Analytica, the data collection tool that influenced Brexit and the US election, is incredibly alarming, but is it all that different from what Australian political parties have been doing for years? …

Crikey: Poll Bludger: two-party system alive and well in Batman and SA With whiplash-inducing speed, media takes about the frailty of the two-party system have made way for prognostications on the failure of its challengers to match expectations

Dr Kevin Bonham: 2018 South Australia Election Wrapup And Postcount … Of all the commentary before the event, I thought the best line was from Tasmania’s very acute pollwatcher Kevin Bonham, who noted that the last state government to spend more than sixteen years in office was that of Joh Bjelke-Petersen. It was time, ladies and gentlemen … : Inside Story HERE

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Tarkine ... fuel reduction burning marginalises endangered species

Ted Mead*
21.03.18 4:15 am

Image for Tarkine ... fuel reduction burning marginalises endangered species

It is well known that the endangered Swift Parrot is under constant threat due to habitat destruction from irresponsible logging across Tasmania. Now it appears that the poorly planned hectare-based fuel reduction program is also a threat to its survival. Both of these unacceptable practices need to cease to prevent another species heading towards extinction …

• The planned burn program for 2018 ...  HERE and HERE

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Myer today announces a half-billion dollar loss ...

21.03.18 4:10 am

Image for Myer today announces a half-billion dollar loss ...

My question - is HCC still underwriting Myer Hobart? …

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The TT glitch ...

Lindsay Tuffin
21.03.18 4:04 am

Image for The TT glitch ...

Readers on TT would have noticed a glitch for the past few hours. This has been resolved through tech Andrew …

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We need changes to the political system ...

Tom Kent* Pic: Flickr, David Wees
21.03.18 4:00 am

Image for We need changes to the political system ...

So ... the elections ... what happened? Despite the high level of disenchantment with major parties, Labor and the Libs both did very well, but Xenophon’s SA Best and the Greens got stomped. I was right out in Batperson and so were all the other observers and commentators. But unusually, I was more wrong than most …

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A Christmas Carol

Kim Peart*. Pic*
21.03.18 3:55 am

Image for A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens once wrote a story about a mean old man, and how he had a wake-up call from a couple of ghosts on Christmas Eve. Ebenezer Scrooge knew the value of money and time, and was very mean, but he found his heart. Are we any better than old miser Scrooge, when we allow fellow citizens to go homeless? We are forcing good people into homelessness, and wrecking their lives. Why? …

I am at a loss.  How has lack of housing been swept under the carpet?

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‘Tasmanian cabinet reshuffle’

Tom Allen | Forest & Communications Campaigner The Wilderness Society Media Release. Pic*
21.03.18 3:53 am

Image for ‘Tasmanian cabinet reshuffle’

The Hodgman Government’s new Cabinet, announced yesterday, represents a mixed bag that signals the importance of Tasmania’s national parks and reserves, whilst highlighting the lunacy of logging in the reserve estate and reducing its size and extent …

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Cambridge Analytica Ain’t Nuthin: Look Out For i360 and DataTrust

Greg Palast* Cartoon: Martyn Turner* used with permission
21.03.18 3:50 am

Image for Cambridge Analytica Ain’t Nuthin: Look Out For i360 and DataTrust

There are two dangers in the media howl over Trump’s computer gurus Cambridge Analytica ( TT HERE ), the data-driven psy-ops company founded by billionaire brown-shirts, the Mercer Family …

Guardian Oz: Cambridge Analytica execs boast of role in getting Trump elected

Canberra Times: I’ve never joined Facebook and now I’m feeling pretty good

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Letter to the Editor: Your continuing silence on Afrin

John Tully* Pic: Julie Bishop at a West Coast Eagles match
21.03.18 3:45 am

Image for Letter to the Editor: Your continuing silence on Afrin

I have sent you many polite emails asking you to speak out against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s aggression against the people of Afrin. You have never replied. More importantly, to the best of my knowledge, you have not uttered one syllable against this monstrous crime …

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Raise a beer to any fictitious god ...

Josephine Zananiri* Pic: Flickr
21.03.18 12:16 am

Image for Raise a beer to any fictitious god ...

Religion and beer have long and intertwined histories.  While early religions espoused the worship of an array sun, storm, vegetation gods, their shamans were probably manufacturing an early form of beer, when not sacrificing goats, or the odd virgin to appease these potential deities.  Indeed the Pharaohs were believed to have paid workers on grand royal monuments with rations of beer …

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Personal statement by Tim Costello about Nick Xenophon

Stephen Mayne, Alliance for Gambling Reform. Pic*
18.03.18 6:00 am

Image for Personal statement by Tim Costello about Nick Xenophon

Nick Xenophon has been one of Australia’s finest politicians of his generation and it is a tragedy that a combination of powerful interests – both political and driven by self-interested commercial interests – have come together to end his 20 year political career …

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The Clean Coal Calamity ...

Ted Mead*
17.03.18 3:45 am

Image for The Clean Coal Calamity ...

Australia should take note!  The abandonment of the Kemper clean-coal power plant in Mississippi has been declared. As a result of this flagship plant’s failure, it now seems unlikely that any large-scale clean-coal concept will ever be constructed in the US. Given that, then the desperate attempts to pursue the clean-coal fantasy in Australia should also cease before more fortunes are wasted on this fruitless cause …

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‘Griggs demands Macquarie Point be part of solution to housing crisis’

Richard Griggs Independent Candidate for Legislative Council Seat of Hobart Media Release. Image* Kim Peart
17.03.18 3:39 am

Image for ‘Griggs demands Macquarie Point be part of solution to housing crisis’

Richard Griggs, Independent Candidate for Legislative Council Seat of Hobart, has repeated his call for Macquarie Point to become part of the solution to the housing crisis in Hobart. On Wednesday, as part of the outcomes of the housing crisis summit, the Tasmanian Government identified 239 hectares of government owned land suitable for residential development. On Friday it emerged just 56 hectares of this was available in southern Tasmania and that some of this area is currently road. “Hobart is where the worst of the housing crisis is so it is not good enough that such a small amount of land has been flagged in the south,” Mr Griggs said …

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‘Twas a very strange Tasmanian State election (2018) ...

Geoff Holloway* Pic: of The Tarkine by Ted Mead
17.03.18 3:37 am

Image for ‘Twas a very strange Tasmanian State election (2018) ...

There were a myriad of issues that affected the dismal result of the Tasmanian Greens and, once looking at all of them it is hard to determine which were the most important. The key point is that 1 in every 4 previous voters for the Tasmanian Greens changed their vote (to the Labor Party), which is an extraordinary change. I am loathe to comment on the internal functioning of the Tasmanian Greens. However, I will make one comment: the internal inquiry that was established at the Tasmanian Greens State Conference in 2016, which was initiated in response to a damning report by the departing State Convenor, did not go anywhere to address the communication issues between the parliamentary Greens and the State Executive and the membership generally. I understand that there will be another internal inquiry now, but Green ex-politicians should not conduct it, plus it should have representation of the general Greens membership on the inquiry committee …

ABC: Greens secure second seat in Tasmanian election with election of Rosalie Woodruff

The Psephologist: Dr Kevin Bonham

Will Hodgman: 2018 Tasmanian State Election

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A Tarkine Park ... The Campaign Continues ...

Ted Mead* Pic*
17.03.18 3:35 am

Image for A Tarkine Park ... The Campaign Continues ...

Most conservationists are still reeling from the disastrous result of the recent state election aware of what this means regarding threats towards Tasmania’s natural environment. Yet the campaign for securing protection of the Tarkine region will unquestionably continue onward ... here’s why …

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Let’s talk about problem gambling ...

Matthew Coscia*
16.03.18 6:33 pm

Image for Let’s talk about problem gambling ...

… My name is Matthew and I was previously employed in the gaming industry for a number of years. Through my experience within the industry, I have witnessed first-hand the behaviour, thinking and consequent effects of a problem gambler. Using the information I have gained through talking to gamblers, I have developed a pro-active yet cost-efficient approach to help combat problem gambling. I acknowledge the campaign is not of the highest quality as I was working with limited resources on a very limited budget, but I believe the concepts behind it are extremely valuable …

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For the love of cement ...

Tony Hagar* Pic*
16.03.18 6:05 pm

Image for For the love of cement ...

Last December the City Council celebrated the completion of the Sandy Bay “upgrade”, carried out, ostensibly, in collaboration with local stakeholders. It took over a year, tied up traffic, cost shop owners dearly and inconvenienced shoppers. Worse, there seemed to be no sense of urgency in the execution of the Plan. Many, many people, standing around doing nothing and getting paid for it …

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NI Self-Determination: Update on meetings and presentations in UK 25th Feb – 2nd March 2

André Nobbs
16.03.18 6:00 pm

Image for NI Self-Determination: Update on meetings and presentations in UK 25th Feb – 2nd March 2

Providing a progress report on the work of so many people toward self-determination for Norfolk Island is never easy. Part of the difficulty is making sure that no momentum is lost by revealing an initiative, or the people at work on the legal, political or United Nations elements …

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‘Senate Inquiry hears Australia now in nationwide recycling crisis’

Peter Whish-Wilson, Senator for Tasmania Media Release. Pic: Flickr
15.03.18 12:50 pm

Image for ‘Senate Inquiry hears Australia now in nationwide recycling crisis’

Greens waste and recyling spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson provides the following comments on the evidence heard at the Senate waste and recycling Inquiry held in Sydney today …

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Tasmanian State election: The Pearlfish factor

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