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Tasmanian Liberals land private training company as a major donor

Image for Tasmanian Liberals land private training company as a major donor

Bob Burton. Photo: screenshot of Careers Australia webpage
05.05.16 4:15 am

The Tasmanian Liberal Party has revealed that one of its major political donors is the controversial Careers Australia Group, Australia’s largest privately-owned registered training organisation.

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The Budget ...

Lenore Taylor, Political Editor Guardian. ABC pic of Scott Morrison. First published May 3
04.05.16 6:45 am

Image for The Budget ...

Budget 2016: ‘jobs and growth’ pitch costs wealthy retirees, smokers and multinationals Scott Morrison’s first budget offers company and personal tax cuts – for those earning over $80,000 – but nothing for families on $37,000 to $80,0000

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Guardian: Essential poll shows Labor maintains a 52-48, two-party preferred lead The poll shows 57% support for Labor’s carbon emissions policy and 43% of voters in favour of negative gearing

• Andrew Wilkie in Comments: A bad Budget for Tasmania

• Sinead Colee, NUS, in Comments: Dates for Budget protest

Mark Shea: One small step that could make Australia the Innovation Nation!  ... TT Travel HERE

• Jarvis Cocker in Comments: ScoMo had that look about him tonight. You know the one: the lost, defeated, tortured look of a bloke stuck in the wrong job, with no way of escaping it. Actually, in light of his recent D-Grade media appearances, he put on a half-decent show. The Murdoch papers will say it was a ‘steady-as-she-goes’ performance, and a responsible Liberal Budget. Whatever news outlets lefties read these days will scream about the lack of funding for Gonski/asylum seekers/doctors/furries (delete fave self interest group where relevant). And for anybody actually looking at the Budget forecasts, well, they’ll probably wonder where it all went so horribly wrong for this government …

• In Comments: What TasCOSS, AEU, Will Hodgman, the Three Amigos etc, reckon ...


Guardian Politics Live: Turnbull government unleashes the Big Sell

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TT: It’s time for an upgrade … with a little help from our friends ...

Editors. First published May 2
04.05.16 6:30 am

Image for TT: It’s time for an upgrade … with a little help from our friends ...

It’s time for an upgrade … with a little help from our friends. With the rise and rise of online readership via mobile devices, Google is making some big changes to how its search engine ranks different websites. Those which rank as having a mobile-friendly design will be upgraded in its search-engine rankings. Those which aren’t considered mobile-friendly will end up becoming far, far less visible to those searching the Internet. So Tasmanian Times needs to upgrade the software the site runs on as soon as possible to make the site mobile-friendly. We will also be making some changes so that articles unique to Tasmanian Times are eligible to be included in the Google News Index, which will help project contributors’ articles out to a much wider audience. Of course, it would be great if the changes cost nothing, but they don’t. All up the changes might cost in the order of $3000 …

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BASSLINK: Tasmania’s power crisis

John Martinkus, The Saturday Paper. Pic* First published May 1
04.05.16 6:15 am

Image for BASSLINK: Tasmania’s power crisis

Mismanagement of Tasmania’s once-abundant hydro-electric resources combined with the driest year on record see the state on the brink of wintertime power cuts.

Examiner: Renewables a focus of second Basslink study: Warwick Smith

EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ...

BASSLINK highlights State’s budget woes (includes links to earlier TT BASSLINK stories

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James Wheeldon (a former ASIC lawyer): Heads must roll at corporate regulator ASIC

Manus, Nauru detention: this is not our Australia

The Strange Politics of Negative Gearing

French subs builder’s record of corruption

Paul Bongiorno: Coalition attempts to win win votes with submarine politics

AND, from REUTERS ...

How France sank Japan’s $40 billion Australian submarine dream


ABC: ‘Grave concerns’ Tasmanians will face high power prices due to energy crisis A Senate inquiry report has raised “grave concerns” that Tasmanians will be slugged with higher power costs as a result of the ongoing energy crisis. The state remains in an unprecedented crisis brought on by record low hydro dam levels and a broken Basslink cable. The committee heard from a range of stakeholders, including Energy Minister Matthew Groom, the head of Bell Bay Aluminium, Ray Mostogul and economist John Lawrence. It made five recommendations, including that the State Government commission an independent inquiry into the circumstances leading up the energy crisis …

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What is wrong with our Environmental Science?

Murray Dench* First published May 4. Main Pic*
04.05.16 6:10 am

Image for What is wrong with our Environmental Science?

Recent headlines on Tasmanian Times ( HERE ) state that Hobart’s reputation as a global centre for excellence for science and research is at risk. We have seen the loss of almost 200 CSIRO jobs in Tasmania in recent years. Why has science suddenly lost integrity and its importance? Is it funding-related Bias that is the problem; what exactly is wrong with our environmental science! This is a widespread issue noticed not only in Tasmania. Science has a problem. Murray Dench discusses the issue at length from his side of the ditch.

• Jack in Comments: Rarely has an article on this topic taken us back far enough from the trees so that the forest may be seen. This article does that task very well. This one is going straight to the Pool Room. Yes, yes and yes. The prime issue is not whether you believe one side of a scientific argument or the other. All hinges upon the embrace of skepticism and the resourcing of public science as an enterprise capable of ‘self-correction’. That can’t be done where self-interest is the driving force and independence has been abandoned. As was brilliantly pointed out, science is not the truth but the search for truth. It is a way of dealing with uncertainty, not a way to promote a monoculture of certainty. Our policy makers don’t seem to have the first clue about what science is. Perhaps a parliament of lawyers and bankers can’t really be expected to? …

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It’s nothing personal, Eric ...

Hans Willink. Pic of Eric Abetz, ABC. First published May 3
04.05.16 6:00 am

Image for It’s nothing personal, Eric ...

… If Eric’s Senate team perform poorly, his influence within the Liberal Party and the Government would drastically decline. Who knows? He might even retire, having recently acknowledged that he would be paid more from his parliamentary pension than if he kept working as a backbencher.  …

TT Satire: Bullshit Ahead: Next Eight Weeks ...

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A serve for Third World Internet ...

Mark Shea, overlander.tv
04.05.16 5:40 am

Image for A serve for Third World Internet ...

Mark Shea from overlander.tv gives tight-arsed Third World Internet Aussies a serve: Watch HERE

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Ain’t no sunshine ...

Peter. First published May 4
04.05.16 5:35 am

Image for Ain’t no sunshine ...

Last Saturday was sunny, and as I needed some bamboo sticks, off I went to Salamanca market.

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With the fall of the Green Zone, ‘our’ Iraq comes undone

John Martinkus, Crikey. Pic: by Stephen Dupont. First published May 4
04.05.16 5:32 am

Image for With the fall of the Green Zone, ‘our’ Iraq comes undone

There used to be a fiction of safety in Iraq, but with Australian and American troops gone, that fiction has crumbled too, writes foreign correspondent John Martinkus.

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NATION: No roadmap on Manus for Turnbull

Urban Wronski* http://urbanwronski.com/ . Pic: of Malc ... First published May 2
04.05.16 5:30 am

Image for NATION: No roadmap on Manus for Turnbull

… At least the new boats will save a couple of marginal seats in the rust-belt of South Australia. Brian Toohey in the AFR estimates that it will cost $20 billion extra to build the subs in Australia. Factor in the $35 billion already committed for nine new frigates and it is clear that the coalition is committing to spend over a hundred billion on war toys without once deigning to explain where the money is coming from. All up it is calculated that the government has committed to spending an astronomical $1 trillion dollars on defence over the next twenty years. You would have to spend 10 million dollars every day for 273 years to spend $1 trillion. In this context, splashing $50 billion submarines is a bargain buy. $50 billion is a lot to pay for a couple of seats, even if one is Christopher Pyne’s. With bipartisan support, Turnbull is committing bulk public funding to defence at the cost of investment in real infrastructure such as schools or hospitals, or renewable energy, each of more enduring benefit.  Why subsidise submarines and not cars? All it would have taken is for GMH to stay in Australia would have been a paltry $150 million a year, according to Mike Devereux, former GM Australia MD. …

Peter Martin, Economics Editor, The Age: Federal budget 2016: Tax cuts. $80,000 is anything but average If Scott Morrison thinks that by offering tax cuts to Australians earning more than $80,000 he is helping average workers, he doesn’t know what average workers earn. Mercury: No tax relief for the 80 per cent of Tasmanian workers earning less than $80,000

Guardian: Corporate wrongdoing now endemic in Australia, report shows

BOTTOM of the pile ...

Read for yourself CommSec’s State of the States Report where Tassie rates bottom of the pile ...

• John Hawkins in Comments: The Shortfin Barracuda Submarine is still only a concept, there are no detailed design drawings, no detailed contracts and no reason to hold the French to a bill of $50 billion. This is a political gamble to win seats in South Australia. The Pyne SA Liberals must be booted out on their arse. Why was a fraction of this enormous sum of money now to be spent on unproductive killing machines not spent saving the car industry in South Australia? If you are going to vote for a dog vote for a real one. Vote Scruffy: HERE

• Luigi in Comments: I was one of the apparent big majority of Australians who saw Malcolm’s ascension as a blessed salvation from Abbottonian Stupidity.  But where are Malcolm’s policies?  Where is the vision?  Where are we headed?  I’m tired of being told to be excited about nothing. So far I have heard nothing but echoes of the old Stupidity due - we’re told - to Malcolm’s loyalty to undertakings he gave to Abbott’s sidekicks that he would hold faith with the Stupidity. For me, the Budget Tuesday night will be the decider. I don’t want middle-class handouts.  I’d better see some vision; I’d better hear a plan for the future; I’d better hear something other than just the squawking of an albatross around Malcolm’s neck. For me, it’s crunch time now.

New Matilda: Agile Government: Turnbull Has Notched 17 Backflips In Seven Months

news.com.au: Another Nauru refugee sets herself on fire

SCAPEGOATING Minister Dutton says it’s all the refugee advocates fault ...

Guardian: Peter Dutton accuses refugee advocates of encouraging suicide on Nauru

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Letters to my grandchildren (15)

Anton Clever*
04.05.16 5:00 am

Image for Letters to my grandchildren (15)

Dear Chilliwops, Life is too short to hold on to unpleasant events of the past; to hold on to grudges; to be bitter about relationships or past friendships, friendships that for whatever reason have failed.

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Only for us – public health laws and regulations

Dr Baljit Singh
04.05.16 4:30 am

Image for Only for us – public health laws and regulations

It is good to have a good policeman around. Dr. Baljit Singh

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Precious Freshwater diverted to Aquaculture

Geoffrey Swan, Lonnavale First published April 29
03.05.16 5:45 am

Image for Precious Freshwater diverted to Aquaculture

Tasmania is in a period of historic drought. The Huon Aquaculture Company has a freshwater “flow-through” hatchery hidden away behind a stand of trees alongside the Russell River in Lonnavale, Southern Tasmania. There are a total of 14 of these “no-longer-considered-best-practice” flow-through Aquaculture hatcheries currently operating throughout Tasmania – and another is in development with the blessing of Inland Fisheries, the Environmental Protection Agency and Water Resources within DPIPWE.

Rebecca Hubbard, Environment Tasmania: Government Approves Fish Disease And Dead Zones For Macquarie Harbour Fish Farms  Environment Tasmania is calling for immediate independent review of the Tasmanian Government’s unexpected decision to increase the density of farmed fish in Macquarie Harbour, citing evidence that the harbour is already in a state of chronic environmental stress. “Macquarie Harbour is already experiencing ongoing problems with dissolved oxygen levels, bacteria mats and disease outbreaks,” said Laura Kelly of Environment Tasmania.”

• Dead Scientist in Comments: The flow-through methodology, unfortunately, would appear to be the standard in this State. If the readers would like a reminder themselves of just how bad things can get with flow-through systems, just check out the Bicheno abalone disease outbreak back in 2011. Not freshwater but same methodology! We take perfectly good water, stick it through a system and throw away whatever comes out the other end, with the exception of profit of coarse. If this State is achieve profitable and sustainable primary industries this sort of behaviour must stop. Trashing our resources at a time when they are scarcest is simply stupid. It is sad indeed that any meaningful water governance has ceased in this State, with the public service meekly rubber-stamping development approvals and turning a blind eye to breaches.

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Leicester ... !

03.05.16 4:00 am

Image for Leicester ... !

Guardian: Leicester City win the Premier League title: latest updates – live!

Read more (live) HERE

Guardian UK: The Leicester Supremacy – a triumph that was never supposed to happen Champions have vaulted an impassable gulf of finance and privilege in modern‑day Big Football to re‑energise the most inspiring sporting principle of open competition

• Philip Lowe in Comments: At the beginning of the season when Leicester were quoted at 5,000 to 1 to win the Premiership, bookmakers were offering 4000 to 1 on the Pope playing for Glasgow Rangers. THAT is how incredible this story is.

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THE BUDGET: Crying for a tax break

Paul Carter, Pic*
02.05.16 3:55 am

Image for THE BUDGET: Crying for a tax break

AUSTRALIANS may have to go overseas to buy the country’s best spirits as craft distillers crying for a Budget tax break find an upside in exporting to low-excise countries.

Guardian: Tax cuts for workers on more than $80,000 floated on budget eve – politics live

Peter Martin, Economics Editor, The Age: Federal budget 2016: Tax cuts. $80,000 is anything but average If Scott Morrison thinks that by offering tax cuts to Australians earning more than $80,000 he is helping average workers, he doesn’t know what average workers earn. Mercury: No tax relief for the 80 per cent of Tasmanian workers earning less than $80,000

Guardian: Corporate wrongdoing now endemic in Australia, report shows

AND ... Tassie Pine ...

Tassie Pine: Turnbull Makes One Year Old a Millionaire     This week on Tassie Pine, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull tells us a fairytale about a little girl and negative gearing

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Let’s dare to talk about it … a message of hope

Elizabeth Fleetwood* First published April 30
02.05.16 3:50 am

Image for Let’s dare to talk about it … a message of hope

The response to the “What nobody dares to say to you about climate change” article ( HERE ) has been nothing short of astonishing.

Surviving the Carbon Apocalypse

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Firefighting review confirms TWWHA values protection bungle

Vica Bayley Tasmanian Campaign Manager The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc. Media Release Pic* First pub: May 1
02.05.16 3:45 am

Image for Firefighting review confirms TWWHA values protection bungle

A review of the firefighting efforts ( HERE ) into the unprecedented bushfires that ravaged Tasmania in 2016 has confirmed conservationist’s concerns that built infrastructure with zero heritage value was prioritised for protection over ancient, fire sensitive vegetation that forms part of the outstanding values of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA).

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May Day ... First Day of the Month ...

Isla MacGregor. First published May 1
02.05.16 3:30 am

Image for May Day ... First Day of the Month ...

It’s May Day ...

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Surviving the Carbon Apocalypse

Kim Peart*, Ross.
02.05.16 3:15 am

Image for Surviving the Carbon Apocalypse

… The Great Dying that happened 252 million years ago began with an increase of atmospheric CO2, leading to global warming.

Much of the heat in the air is absorbed by the sea and that slowly warms up the oceans.

CO2 in the air is also absorbed by the oceans and this makes the sea more acidic.

The hot acidic oceans were a bad place for life, but great for sulphur bugs, which bloomed in the Sun and released toxic hydrogen sulphide gas, which killed much life on the land and damaged the ozone layer, letting in lethal doses of radiation, killing more life on land. …

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The Horror of 1080 Poison ...

Carol Sawyer* via Penelope Marshall, southern Tasmania. Pics*
02.05.16 2:59 am

Image for The Horror of 1080 Poison ...

Penelope Marshall who lives in southern Tasmania is deeply concerned about 1080 poison, used in Tasmania to kill foxes ( TT HERE ) and to guard forestry [‘There’s too many of them (‘pests’): John Gay]. But in New Zealand its use is massive ... blanket-coverage of NZ’s wild areas in much greater strength and quantity. Carol Sawyer lives in Wanaka NZ (bio below). Here is her story ...

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Hobart Bookshop: Elizabeth Leane’s new book, South Pole: Nature and Culture 



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