"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Fifty years of Astral Weeks ...

Image for Fifty years of Astral Weeks ...

Greg Cure
26.05.18 6:30 am

This year marks fifty years since the release of Van Morrison’s seminal work Astral Weeks. Works by Vanilla Fudge and Supertramp have perhaps not travelled so well through time and are long forgotten, but not so Astral Weeks. It is as refreshing today as it was when I first heard it around fifty years ago. When I poll myself and try and ascertain what is my all-time favourite album, on five days out of seven, it will be Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks. It is as equally hard to allocate a genre now as it was on its release

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A quick fix to your 15 Minutes of Fame?

Ted Mead* Pic*
25.05.18 6:57 am

Image for A quick fix to your 15 Minutes of Fame?

Our modern narcissistic world is all about personal exposure and fame. Images on selfy-sticks and instagram are endlessly dominating our social media platforms. Whilst it is great to share photos to our friends, it seems the whole outdoors scene in Tasmania may soon providing you with these opportunities, and unfortunately the tourism industry here thinks this is appropriate infrastructure in our National Parks now …

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‘Frenchmans Cap Rec Zone Plan highlights Hodgman’s EOI sham’

Vica Bayley Tasmanian Campaign Manager The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc. Media Release Pic*
25.05.18 6:45 am

Image for ‘Frenchmans Cap Rec Zone Plan highlights Hodgman’s EOI sham’

A Draft Recreation Zone Plan for Frenchmans Cap, out for public comment and supposed to guide visitor management for this iconic wilderness areas for the coming decade, fails to even mention a controversial new private, commercial tourist accommodation venture proposed for the area, despite its ‘approval’ over three years ago via the secret Expressions of Interest process …

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Stop Hodgman Liberal Government subsidies to Vedanta’s Mt Lyell mine ...

Isla MacGregor*
24.05.18 6:00 am

Image for Stop Hodgman Liberal Government subsidies to Vedanta’s Mt Lyell mine ...

Recent police shootings of demonstrators in Tamil Nadu in India protesting against Vedanta’s Sterlite Copper Smelter raises serious questions over the Hodgman Government’s $35 million subsidies to Vedanta Resources Mt Lyell mine in Queenstown …

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‘Hobart nosedives to Australia’s least affordable capital to rent ...’

Media Releases.
23.05.18 6:15 am

Image for ‘Hobart nosedives to Australia’s least affordable capital to rent ...’

’... with income growth failing to meet soaring prices’ … “This study shows the depths of the housing crisis facing Australian renters on low incomes,” Lenneberg said. “People are facing deep challenges securing affordable housing in the private rental market, pushed further and further away from the areas from where the jobs are located … “

• Roger Jaensch ...

Examiner: Singles on benefits priced out of regional Tasmanian rentals

ABC: Hobart now Australia’s most unaffordable city for tenants, new report finds

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NATION: Does the Coalition have a woman problem or just a problem with humanity?

Urban Wronksi (aka David Tyler*). Pic*
23.05.18 6:00 am

Image for NATION: Does the Coalition have a woman problem or just a problem with humanity?

Does the Coalition have a woman problem? Or a “female” problem as Education Minister and Gonski-con-artist, simple Simon Birmingham puts it? Or just your everyday, run of the mill, neoliberal lack of humanity problem … ?

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‘Bob Brown backs Malaysian inquiry into Abetz-backed Sarawak logging’

Jenny Weber, Campaign Manager Bob Brown Foundation Media Release Pic*
22.05.18 6:53 am

Image for ‘Bob Brown backs Malaysian inquiry into Abetz-backed Sarawak logging’

Tasmania’s Bob Brown Foundation is supporting the Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund’s call for Sarawak’s former premier and political ‘godfather’ Abdul Taib Mahmud to be a focus of the anti-corruption inquiry after Malaysia’s stunning change of government …

… Taib’s cousin, Hamed Sepawi, heads up Ta Ann. Australian and Tasmanian government grants to Ta Ann total at least $44 million, including a Tasmanian Forest Industry Development Grant of $7 million for Ta Ann to set up in Smithton in 2006 …

… Senator Abetz, formerly a Minister for Forests in the Howard government, visited Malaysian forests in 2012 to tout Ta Ann’s logging and, in a consequent adjournment speech to the Senate (Thursday 16 August 2012) lambasted the ‘extreme, manic campaigning’ of the Australian Greens against Ta Ann whose timber products were refused by the London Olympics. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had close relations and political dependency on Taib who is blamed with looting Sarawak’s forests from its Indigenous peoples …

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How Australia’s education debacle is still creating victims

Farrah Tomazin, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 April 2018 — 8:35pm Pic: Flickr
22.05.18 6:45 am

Image for How Australia’s education debacle is still creating victims

Rachel Murphy had barely begun the tertiary course that was supposed to kick-start her career when it abruptly ended …

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The Twelfth Commandment …

Ted Mead* Satire: Leunig*
21.05.18 7:27 am

Image for The Twelfth Commandment …

Without question the world’s affairs, its social structures, and our natural environment are in serious chaos …

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That wedding ...

Satire: Leunig*. Guardian
21.05.18 6:18 am

Image for That wedding ...

Guardian: Is Meghan Markle the American the royals have needed all along? Thanks to the new Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry may well turn out to be good for Britain …

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‘Logging burns conceal industrial pollution in the name of ‘community safety’

Clive Stott*, http://www.cleanairtas.com. Pic: Clive Stott
21.05.18 6:00 am

Image for ‘Logging burns conceal industrial pollution in the name of ‘community safety’

“Logging burns would not be needed (and a substantial amount of associated smoke not generated) if the forest had not been logged in the first place. It is imperative that government departments inform the public about the smoke pollution coming from logging operations, whose purpose is for private commercial gain.”

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The Greens’ Kathleen Maltzahn – Conviction, But No Courage ... ?

Isla MacGregor* and Bronwyn Williams* from Turn the Red Light Off Australia. Pic*
21.05.18 5:46 am

Image for The Greens’ Kathleen Maltzahn – Conviction, But No Courage ... ?

Tasmanians concerned about sexploitation and justice for women should be looking at responses to the Victorian Liberal Party’s recent state conference motion in support of introduction of Nordic Model laws on prostitution.  In particular, the response by Greens long time pro-Nordic Model candidate, Kathleen Maltzhan*, has come as a shock to abolitionists across the country …

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The Economist appraises latest progressivista stupidity from the Left’s useless idiots ...

Leonard Colquhoun* Pic*
21.05.18 5:40 am

Image for The Economist appraises latest progressivista stupidity from the Left’s useless idiots ...

Publius Terentius Afer (c. 195/185 – c. 159? BCE, better known in English as Terence):  “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”. Every year the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts a gala. A single ticket costs $US30,000 ($39,700). New York’s A-listers and wannabes deck themselves in overwrought garments designed for the party’s theme. Three years ago, China: Through the Looking Glass inspired dresses with dragons, hair held in place with chopsticks and, from a few sartorially confused celebrities, kimonos

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The Neo Doctrine ...

Satire: by Ted Mead
21.05.18 5:30 am

Image for The Neo Doctrine ...

The next wave of billboards to flood our state! …

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‘Majority Oppose Cable Car in Denison ...’

Peter Gutwein, Minister for State Growth, Ted Cutlan spokesperson for Residents Opposed to the Cable Car, Media Releases
20.05.18 4:00 pm

Image for ‘Majority Oppose Cable Car in Denison ...’

New polling shows momentum is building behind the campaign to protect kunanyi/Mt Wellington from a cable car, with a majority of Denison residents now opposed to the project. The poll demonstrates that as more information about the cable car is released and special legislation to facilitate it is passed, more people are openly opposed to it …

Sign a Petition here: Tell Carlton & United Breweries - Don’t let Mt Wellington be defaced with a cable car

EARLER on Tasmanian Times ...

Cable Car: Richard Flanagan’s speech in full ...

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Electric vehicles will soon rule the neo-chariot world

Ted Mead* Pic*
19.05.18 6:30 am

Image for Electric vehicles will soon rule the neo-chariot world

It didn’t seem all that long ago when Tesla released its first fully electric vehicle (EV), and due to its high retail price it wasn’t an instant success, but fast forward to the end of this decade and Tesla EVs will be burning off the production conveyor belt at a rapid rate, and there seems no end to this neo-tech revolution …

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Launched! Tom McHugo’s Gallery ...

Lindsay Tuffin* Pic* All Pics: Rob Walls
19.05.18 5:30 am

Image for Launched! Tom McHugo’s Gallery ...

They say old photographers never die, they just keep on/stop developing …

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Dear Senator Abetz ...

John Hawkins* Pic: of Eric Abetz, from his website
18.05.18 6:15 am

Image for Dear Senator Abetz ...

Dear Senator Abetz, On Friday 8th August 2014 you flew from Launceston to Hobart using a chartered aircraft at a cost of $1850 …

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Abetz now has the impudence to chastise Justine Keay ...

John Hawkins*
18.05.18 6:00 am

Image for Abetz now has the impudence to chastise Justine Keay ...

The appalling Senator Eric Abetz had been paid millions from the public purse while sitting illegally as a dual national in the Senate from 1994 to 2010, this being the year he renounced his German citizenship in order to head off my challenge in the High Court of Australia. He now has the impudence to chastise Justine Keay through the columns of the Mercury, and I suggest he is guilty of precisely the same offence …

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‘State loses $188 million GST ...

Martyn Goddard* Media Release. Pic*
17.05.18 9:46 am

Image for ‘State loses $188 million GST ...

... because Public Sector wages are too low’ The state budget will be docked by $188 million in GST funding in 2018-19 because government employees in Tasmania are paid less than in any other state or territory. The Commonwealth Grants Commission, which administers the GST, will redistribute this money to states which pay more, particularly to Western Australia. The Commission does this to even out the cost between the states of providing services …

• Download ....


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Oh god! Too Many Trucks ...

Andrew Kellett and Bert Lawatsch* Pic*
17.05.18 5:30 am

Image for Oh god! Too Many Trucks ...

Do you enjoy a drive to Mt Field or the South West or perhaps you enjoy fly fishing in the Tyenna River? If so, I’m sure you are aware of the condition of the underfunded section of road from Maydena to Westerway …

EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ...

Ivo Edwards: Please help me. I am in serious trouble ...

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